Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion

They say that “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”. It is true that morals and values differs for an individual, concerns come in our professional lives. When people at work pressurize you to things, often we ignore our ethics.


- In today’s situation with immense pressure and competition, business and ethics can’t go together.

- A couple of times because we follow ethics, it hinders us from succeeding because it squanders time.

- Ethics are usually bound and nurtured by religion, family values etc. Such forms cannot work well in business where you are expected to be professional and practical.

- A businessman should know how to handle pressure, stress and competition and not how to be ethical.

- We all want to make quick money. In today’s market, being ethical takes a toll on you.

- Ethics unlike a balance sheet don’t have visibility. People today judge you based on money and not ethics.


- Ethics makes you stronger and independent. People cant deceive you easily.

- Not following ethics makes you a selfish person.

- There is nothing wrong in making profit. But, making profit by unethical means could cost a lot of people harm, mentally.

- Customer’s perspective is to link with a company with ethics and values. They know that will never be forged.

- Being ethical in business creates a sense of responsibility towards society.

Morals and values are extremely individualistic. It’s incorrect to say that you cant succeed if you are ethical in business. You will probably take some more time to succeed. You cant force someone to follow ethics.
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  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -GOURAV (10/10/16)
  • i do not agree with the statement that business and ethics do not go together because it may be less profitable than those who make money on deceiving but it will give security for long term business.It also gives stability as well as respect in the society.Also ethics depicts one's personality and commitment towards your work.At last people will judge you on the basis of ethics not on the basis of money because even vijay mallaya is also rich businessman.
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -Krushna (10/03/16)
  • I completely disagree with the statement because if we are doing bussness then we also have an client and the ethics should be followed because if dont follow them the client'll not be happy to business with u and the growth of your business will go down .... so ethics should be followed properly
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -Mandar Mukherjee (02/24/15)
  • The very practice of business is based on the idea of squeezing out more money from consumers than what they bargained for and making a profit for oneself. It is ridiculous to even try to associate it with ethics in every turn. Business and ethics go together when and if they fit together, dependent entirely on convenience than anything else. Considering it as a chance to do some good only while you're at it, sounds logical.
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -Prachi shah (02/22/15)
  • First we should be very clear with the word Ethic which means 'moral principles of individual behaviour'. Individual's action speaks his/her behaviour I disagree with the statement that ' Business and Ethics do not go together' , because in business it is only one's moral values which is being projected on his/her work.
    For a long run business individual needs to be ethical then only success is achieved. Undoubtedly , in today's world where everyone is busy in making money in all possible ways , so it's being very hard to follow our moral values but we are only responsible for right or wrong decision which means to say that it is on our own hand whether to choose success or not.
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -nilesh kumar (02/22/15)
  • it is totally out of the way saying that one shud pay for his deeds sooner or is hypothetical and acts as a modern lives there is a succesful man when he takes risks and go for sucess whateverit costs... so i think that ethics and buisness can't go together ...ethics means you are bound to ur human values and soceity so i think man can't keep go on successful carrer on these values ,,,it may be some losses definetely be there for ur business values if ur correctly follow this... on the other hand ethics makes u a perfect and sincere man but buiseness go on with mind nad not by heart or ur values
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -Rishika Jalan (04/26/14)
  • I completely disagree with the statement that “business and ethic do not go together”. Ethics are the norms and values which helps us in distinguishing between the right and the wrong. It guides us what actions are just and fair and what should are not. In today’s world where everyone’s aim is just to make money, it is difficult at times to be ethical but that is what should be done. Being ethical makes a person successful in the long run and makes him independent and confident. By committing wrong deeds one might gain immediate benefits but later on he will have to suffer for it. No person has ever been able to accomplish anything by indulging in unfair practices. At some time or the other he will have to pay for his deeds. In business where one has to be practical and wise, acting ethically might take him a little more time to succeed. But eventually he will be on the top and will be respected by all. All customers even want to associate themselves with ethical companies and not with those who are cheaters and liars. Thus business and ethics do go together.
  • RE: Business and Ethics do not go together - Group Discussion -Garima Dhinngra (01/28/14)
  • I don't agree that "Business and Ethics do not go together". Ethics depicts ones'personality and i understand to run a successful business personality trait is what makes more impacts on customers and in market.

    In today's world more importance is given to making money "by hook or crook" than following things Ethically. To make a stand is always difficult and sometime one need to suffer in work as well but at the end Ethics is what makes business run successfully.

    I disagree that business done by any necessary means is correct. In a long run one might have to pay heavily for being Unethical.