India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion


- India has the mass labour and production which can take India to a next level.

- India has already put a stamp of authority in the IT sector and is ready to reach the world stage to find a place in manufacturing.

- India has entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities which are of utmost importance in creating a successful nation and a super power.

- Economic liberalization has resulted in the rise of the growth rates of the middles class which is a good indication for India.


- India has shown a slowdown in economy which has really affected its chances of becoming a super power.

- It also depends on how one defines super power. India is still under massive poverty and unemployment which again looms over India’s development.

- Corruption in India is deterrent and is one of the major causes of India’s faltered growth.

- Infrastructure such as rails, roads is still of major concern in India and it needs to be dealt with.

- Politicians are creating a vacuum in the society with their deep buried corruption.

- The government has failed to handle the economic growth which has widened the gap between the poor and the rich.
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  • RE: India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion -akash alan (10/13/16)
  • If we dream about the India is a super power then there a lot of fields where we need to work on There are being improvements via youth of India but every person should be think in that direction it should be an urge from inside that we want to be a superpower generation and the weapon for this is indian brains who are working in IT sector we should not to be dependent only on IT sector a superpower means a complete development which may be done by emerging entrepreneurs.
    But there are some flaws which creates some problem in this field like
    1. Every person is not aware about the country.
    2. Still Lack of education.
    3. oppostion parties do not support either in those works which are beneficial for country.
    4. Government still lacking to provide a good infrastructure.
  • RE: India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion -Nikhil (10/07/16)
  • Yes.. India is the Nexgen superpower.
    from past 5 to 6 yrs India in growing continuously. Our country GDP is growing.
    we already put up a stamp in IT sector by providing IT product and services to various customer all over the world and now our government is focusing on the manufacturing sector.
    Make in India program is the one step towards this. By increase the contribution of this sector in our country GDP.
    through this program our govt are giving opportunity to the foreign company to start their production in India.
    Another factor is India mass labour. after china India has the maximum labour power in term of skill and available at low cost as compared to other countries.
  • RE: India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion -NIVEATHA DHANDAPANI (02/08/16)
  • It was really awesome and it is very useful for group discussion,speech etc. I hope india will become a super power nation as soon
  • RE: India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion -Radha Parashar (07/17/15)
  • The developing rate of India is fast but not enough to be included in developed countries. Being a superpower means having a huge influence on other countries, a very strong military and a strong economy. Though India has much influence on other countries but if we talk about strong economy, its still a matter of deep think.
    At present India is struggling badly with problems like poverty, corruption and unemployment which are the main obstacles to our advancement or growth rate. And to become a superpower we need a very sharp growth rate.
  • RE: India - really the NexGen superpower - Group Discussion -pia chopra (07/16/15)
  • Super power is a state that has unparalleled influence or project power at a global level. USA is super power from past many years .if we talk about India undoubtedly we need to work a lot to be super power but yes we come under the list of superpower countries. India has great influence of music,movies,culture and traditions. With time we are one of the fastest developing countries in world. USA is superpower because it has strongest economy, military, political influence and best quality lifestyle of people.
    India is in top 5 air force military and top exporter of cereals and cotton. With time its turning to IT hub. So developments are occurring and India too can be super power if it fights with many problems like unemployment, Poverty ,corruption etc....