10 things to prepare for a job loss

10 things to prepare for a job loss

10 things to prepare for a job loss

Sometimes when a pink slip is around the corners, we know it. You can just get that ominous feeling that sooner or later you are going to be laid off. It could be some conflict with your employer or the fact that you know that your performance went downscale. When you can anticipate the single most depressing thing that could happen to you anytime soon, it is always better to be prepared for it in advance. This way you will be ready to find another job and can also use the time to improve your chances at securing a better position. Follow up on the list below and you won’t be as disappointed as someone who has been laid off should be:

1. Prep your resume

That is the first thing you should be doing before setting off to meet the big decision makers once again. Brush it up, update it and check sample resumes of similar profiles to know what changes your resume needs. A better presented resume always stands a better chance.

2. Start networking

Get in touch with friends and past colleagues who are in the business. Catch up on the recent trends that the jobs similar to yours are demanding. Add LinkedIn connections. Anyone who is in the same field should know that you are looking for a job change so that they could tell u when there is an internal opening. You never know whose recommendation or lead could come handy.

3. Join certification courses

There is never a shortage of them for any field or profession. There is always a new certification in demand and people who have it stand a better chance at securing some of the highly sought after positions. Research and find the ones that best suit your requirements and spare some time doing them.

4. Know what went wrong

If you’re losing your current employment due to your drawbacks, start working on them. You cannot fix what is done so it is no use getting upset about it anymore. Instead, you should think how you can improvise. This is the time when you decide not to make the same mistakes in your next job. Start acting on them now.

5. Start saving

It might take some time before you start earning again. Save up! Most people are in the habit of getting sluggish and extravagant when they are about to lose a job. This is your body’s way of coping with unpleasant thoughts. Avoid it. Maintain a good saving so that you do not have to worry about money matters or start borrowing from others.

6. Learn new skills

Skilled professionals are better at being chosen easily after a job loss. Add some skills to your resume. Learn the ones that can get you far in the field of your profession. Online trainings and learning materials are handy and can help you learn skills on the go.

7. Secure all insurances

Check and re-check to ensure that all your insurances are updated and that none of them are expiring anytime sooner. If they are about to expire, you must renew them instantly. You do not want to deal with extra crisis at the time of unemployment. Make use of this time and your health insurance for preventive check-ups.

8. Always have a side plan

While you are doing a course or certification and are unemployed, a side income doesn’t hurt. Plan your source of side income. You can make a list of part time jobs that you can apply at. They will keep some pressure off your shoulder and you can concentrate better on job hunt.

9. Start applying for a new job

Make use of the online job portals. Post your updated resumes everywhere. There are plenty of sites on Internet showcasing job requirements in various fields. Check for openings in them and start applying. Subscribe to them to that you get a reminded when there is a job opening of your interest.

10. Stay fit

Both mind and body needs to stay fit and calm during this phase. Start exercising and eating right to avoid becoming lethargic and obese during this period. Work out also stimulates positive thinking.
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  • RE: 10 things to prepare for a job loss -job loss (05/23/18)
  • Job loss is a dreaded situation in one's life more so when monthly bills are heavy. In the wake of automation, it is better to be well equip to soak in such situation. Keep yourself updated with latest market trends, certifications help a long way to get you a decent job, networking works wonder during job hunt. You should start hunting job in advance if you sense any threat. Keeping yourself ready for the rainy day is the best mantra to see through the situation seamlessly.