5 qualities that employers look for in freshers

5 qualities that employers look for in freshers

5 qualities that employers look for in freshers

When you begin your job search for the first time, the biggest challenge you face is the multiple number of candidates competing for the same post, some of whom are experienced even.

In the absence of prior work experience, all you have to showcase to the employer is your academic record and the skills you possess as a prospect employee. And with the changing time, the academic records are becoming less relevant as compared to other skills. This means that apart from subject/technical knowledge companies use certain “other parameters” to evaluate freshers.

It is these “other parameters” that give you an edge over your competitors and may help you bank upon a job over an experienced and more academically sound candidate.

So, here we get you the 5 most important skills that an employer looks for in a fresher:

1. Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively is by far one of the most important skills desired by an employer. Not just speaking, but the ability to listen and write as well effectively and facilitate communication are absolutely critical in all existent professions. This skill can actually give you a leg up on the competition.

2. Ability to multi – task: The ability to manage multiple assignments at a time is the need of the hour. An employer today is desirable of a candidate who can handle multiple portfolios at a time, prioritise them correctly, divide time proportionately between them and ultimately meet all the deadlines effectively.

Hence, you should have the ability to work under pressure. This is a skill you will learn with experience but is an absolutely essential one.

3. Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing work environment and work assignments is absolutely critical in today’s context.

Though at times this skill becomes a part and practice of our everyday life, but relating it to the professional work environment is absolutely essential.

4. Analytical and Research Skills: An employer today seeks an employee who has the ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather relevant information, identify key issues and analyse the solutions effectively. All these will make you a better problem solver and that is what the employers look for in you today.

5. Computer efficiency: Regardless of the nature of the job, every job today demands a basic understanding of computer hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheet and email writing. Proficiency with technology and its applications are absolutely crucial in today’s information age.
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  • RE: 5 qualities that employers look for in freshers -yondo edigar (10/24/16)
  • i like that
  • RE: 5 qualities that employers look for in freshers -sourabh kumar (08/16/16)
  • There are following quality that the emplyer wants in fresher.
    1. should be hard working
    2. should have good decision making skills
    3. nice communication skill
    4 .ablity of multitasking
    5 good computer efficency
    6 flexible
    7 creative
    8 good reasearch and analytical skills