5 Tips to make the most of next job interview

5 Tips to make the most of next job interview

5 Tips to make the most of next job interview

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking, even for the most experienced of candidates who have cracked big ones at times; a new job interview will still get you to put on your thinking glasses. You know there are going to be others bringing in similar experiences and knowledge as you, they too have qualified the previous rounds to get there. To get an edge over them, we bring you some tips to make your presence count at the next job interview.

1. Positive mindset:

Stress can go a long way in ruining even the most flawless of personalities. To make sure you don't end up sweating before the interviewers, prepare yourself to face the probabilities. Calm your senses, meditate before heading for the destination, take some deep breaths and tell yourself that since you are going to do it you might as well do it well. Prepare yourself to be stuck at trick questions and know that it is to test your behavioural pattern and not to judge you.

2. Homework:

Do your homework well. Research the company and be prepared with the most commonly asked questions. Chances are high that some of the most frequently asked questions are going to be the same as usual, hence be ready with the best possible answers. Note down your answers and practice with a friend or before the mirror. Go through the resume that you sent out to them and think of questions that could be asked based on your resume, for instance, hobbies, interests, etc. You don't want to end up with, "I used to play guitar ten years back, but I don't any anymore (and yet it is still there on my resume)."

3. Kinaesthetic:

Being confident on the face while your body tells otherwise is definitely not what you want to take with you when you face the interview. A confident body language will earn you the much needed behavioural points, which is what the interviewer is looking for in a personal interview. Maintaining eye contacts, sitting with the right posture, hand placement and proper usage of hand gestures are important body language etiquettes that must be followed to make it count. You should practice at home if you are not used to it or if it is your first time at an interview.

4. Don't act pushy with money matters:

You are looking for better growth prospect and better position but one of the important reasons for changing job is better pay. Do your market research to know where to take your stand when it comes to salary expectations. It is ideal to ensure that the interviewer gives the first figures but make sure you are candid when it comes to your opinion.

5. Be aware of your side:

The company is looking for a suitable candidate like you but are you looking for what you are being offered by the company? Know your call and exactly what your expectations are from the new job. You don't want to leave a company and join a new one to find out that you gave up the previous one for nothing better.
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  • RE: 5 Tips to make the most of next job interview -job interview (04/11/18)
  • Things to be remembered while facing an interview:

    Positive mindset: It eases your stress helping you perform your best

    Prepare yourself well: Refrain to attend an interview without preparation, failing that you might mess it up and that can also dent your confidence. Keep your answers ready for usual questions that shows up your interest.

    Don't show your greediness: Pitching high in salary matters can inhibits better opportunies coming you way. You should be candid your opinion but stressing too much of your expection is bad.

    Research before give your nod: New job is like a new car, you regret when it causes problem. Research well before taking up.
  • RE: 5 Tips to make the most of next job interview -Job Interview (03/12/18)
  • Job interview gives goose bumps to the most of experienced candidates. This situation can be touted as a blessing in disguised that eventually has good result. Your tension reflects your seriousness for the new assignment and to feel comfortable on uncomfortable chair, you prepare hard and do your homework well.
  • RE: 5 Tips to make the most of next job interview -Jagadeesh (03/03/18)
  • Interview is a process where employer tries to test the ability of candidate in determining the extent of contribution that a candidate can deliver to the organisation if candiate is placed in. So while attending interview one should be thorough with the Prospective employer details and the role offered . He must assess the skill required for that job. He must be confident about the answers . Admit mistakes , if any . Be sure about your salary expectations . Be honest . Many employers conduct group discussion to identify candidates possessing leadership skills . Be updated with business and political topics going around because topics in group discussion will be given mostly from those areas. Initiate group discussion by speaking only if you know something about that .Let others to speak . If canditate possess some experiene then he must be prepared with a good reason about leaving the earlier company .
  • RE: 5 Tips to make the most of next job interview -Job Interview (02/23/18)
  • Job interview is a serious job for one's career so it needs serious preparation ,planning and consideration. Don't allow an interview to bully you. Instead, make it easy, simple and stress free. That will give more chance to succeed. All the above tips are very helpful. Follow and grow!