6 things you can’t afford to ignore in online job hunt!

6 things you can’t afford to ignore in online job hunt!

6 things you can’t afford to ignore in online job hunt!

Online recruitment process or the e-recruitment system has taken job search to another level. It has made things easier for sure. Gone are the days when people would wait for advertisements on newspapers. All you need to do now is update your resume on various job portals and you are good to go. Top recruiters pick candidates from these job portals, go through their resume and filter the ones that fulfill their requirements to the most and then follow with the manual process of contacting them each. That’s all there is to online recruitment process or so you thought.

Read ahead to know what you have been missing till now.

1. Applicant tracking system

No, the recruiters don’t go through all the resumes that come to them in expectations of getting that job. There could be thousands of applicants when the job in question is up to the mark. They simply use apps or tools to pick the candidates that fulfill most of their requisites like educational qualifications, years of experience and skills. You have to keep updating your resume and information filled into job portals to make it easier for their online tools to spot you.

2. The database

When you post your resume into a job portal, the resume goes straight into their database that is full of other applicant’s resume for the same job. The resumes are sorted and stored in the order of their qualification and when an employer enters with an opening, the tools simply match out the job description to that of the applicant’s qualifications, skills, years of experience, etc. The ones that match the best are sent to the employer for further process.

3. Keywords

We are pretty sure everyone notices the field that asks for keywords related to your job search. You randomly enter things that describe your job interests. What are they for? They are what determine which jobs will match your curriculum vitae. The next time you see that the job portals aren’t sending you job openings that match your requirement, take a few moments to change and add more keywords that best describe the jobs.

4. Automated replies

Lot of people are irritated with the fact that most of the time the online recruitment process is so automated that they feel a complete lack of human connection with the HR. The replies are also automated most of the time. You get messages that the recruiter showed interests in your resume and would like you to apply for the job. When you do so, you are told that your application is sent and that you need to wait. The application also goes into a database that sorts out and picks the best ones for the recruiter to review.

5. Upgrading

As things get more and more automated there is more risk of your application going into a black hole if you don’t keep reviewing and upgrading them. The requirements are also changing every day. The job that requires only a few skills and qualification at the present time might require more in a few years from now. It is very important for candidates to stay and trend and keep upgrading your skills, update your resume while keeping in mind what the recruiters need at that time.

6. Sending CV directly

Job portals send you jobs that match your requirements. They give you two options. The first one is easier but more automated. There is an ‘apply now’ space that takes your resume and stashes in the log that will sort out via more tools the best qualified candidates. There is yet another option that seems to consume time but is always a better approach. You can send the CV directly to the hiring manager or the HR. Their email is mentioned at the top or the bottom of the response page. They can directly take a look at your application and decide if you are the right candidate.

The online recruitment process has made lives of HR as well as the candidates easier. They save big on time. Applicants can apply round the clock and their applications are sent instantly. All you need to do is keep track of the job trends and keep updating. The direct approach of sending CV to the hiring manager works better than going through the automated processes.
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  • RE: 6 things you can’t afford to ignore in online job hunt! -jjohorey (09/29/16)
  • Going online is the best thing that could have happened to the headhunting and HR industry. A lot of people don't agree with that, though. Wonder why modern technology brings out stiff resistance in people?