6 Tips to steal the show at official meetings!

6 Tips to steal the show at official meetings!

6 Tips to steal the show at official meetings!

Appearing smart at meetings is as important as being well presentable when you have to host a gathering. The difference is that meetings are usually boring and yet you have to grab attentions, pay attention when you don’t want to and let your bosses know that you are indeed paying attention.

A smart comment or a sarcastic remark won’t work here. There are too many prying eyes, some attentive and some not so attentive. Being recognized in meetings might be your priorities since you dedicated the time to spare for something you don’t even enjoy doing with the feeling that you could have easily done that through email.

Follow these tips to steal the show at official meetings:

1. Show some math skills

People are usually impressed when someone interprets the complicated mathematical figures into simplified terms for them to easily understand without having to put much brain work to it. A simple clarification to make things simpler and you are already their favorite person to take for meetings.

2. Agree smartly

Instead of just going for the normal “I agree with you” take the long tour, accompany the said statement with one of yours, copy the clichéd phrase of the one speaking and then show how you agree with him. Not only will everyone nod and agree to you but also the speaker won’t hate you for disrupting since you are only proving how right he is with your own smart statements.

3. Take notes

Half of the people will be intrigued about what you are penning down. Nodding while writing down clichéd words from the meetings will eventually send out the message that you are the one paying a lot of attention into the subject matter of your meetings. Go for the pen and notepad always and not devices where they could doubt you to be checking through WhatsApp even though you could be taking notes.

4. Grab the right seat

Taking the seat that’s right beside the presenter of the meeting makes you feel like an important person who has an important role in the presentation of the meeting. Also you get to see them closely, know if they stumble upon something and offer help, yet another trick to show that you played an important part in the whole effort of the presentation.

5. Be creative in your opinion

Half of the people are sleepy and half of them are important and difficult to please so if you have an opinion to make, take some time and effort and frame the sentences as creatively as you can. Use references of important incidents to make it appear interesting and to give the impression that you are indeed a people’s person, just someone they need at meetings.

6. End it on a happy note

Someone who brings the meeting to an end is always the best person and to end it on a happy note is just the thing they need to leave the room happily rejuvenated. On a lighter note, a fun incident or a humor-me dialogue is just what you need to be the smart one that everyone remembers.
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