7 reasons why India should not release the footage of surgical strikes.

7 reasons why India should not release the footage of surgical strikes.

7 reasons why India should not release the footage of surgical strikes.

Indian Army has submitted the footages of surgical strikes against the terror hubs in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and has given the permit to the Indian Government to do as it deems fit. The country is divided into two opinions. One is totally satisfied with the news of surgical strikes as an apt answer to Uri and other terror attacks. It is the other half that is demanding footages or proofs of surgical strikes as Pakistan continues to deny the reports of any such military action.

The decision of whether or not to release the footages lies with the Prime Minister’s Office. Other political parties have been pressurizing the government to release the footage of the strikes which is being denied by Pakistani military.

Here are 7 sane reasons why India shouldn’t release the footages:

1. Don’t question the dignity of Indian Army

The brave hearts fighting for the safety and security of our nation and their courageous act of counter strike on the terrorists should never have been questioned. The reports and eye witnesses’ accounts should have been enough for nationals to believe instead of being moved by Pakistan’s deceitful claims. They are doing what they do best – put on a double face and fain oblivion. It is our people who should not get moved by their reports.

2. Will inform them of our entry and exist points for the strike

Pakistan is not in denial. Period. It is simply invoking our people to pressurize the government to release the footage which will work exactly in their favor. They will get to know the entry and exit point of our army from LoC. The same will be later used by their terror outfits to ether and leave our nation, plundering and causing havoc in between. They were indeed taken by surprise and it should be our motive to keep the route a secret instead of revealing out before them.

3. Will reveal the modus operandi of such strikes

Revealing the footage is not in any way in the interest of our nation. It will only help them by knowing and getting a good understanding of our modus operandi, something that they will use against us in future strikes. For instance, they will know where to cover up for better protection of their jihadists. Our operational techniques will also be passed out to these terror outfits.

4. Will help them prepare a counter strategy

Even the players work out their strategy for any important match based on the strengths and weaknesses of opponent. A well prepared strategy can even help a weak team take away the match. Does this not hold true in case of such strikes? Once the enemy knows your strategy, it will be well prepared to hit back hard. We can’t cut the throat of our soldiers with our own knife. Can we?

5. Will arouse further tension

Their denial is good for us. The western media is also believing and playing their report which is a clear advantage for us. They have no reason to retaliate. If they do, they will be going back on their own words. Revealing footages is bound to arouse tension and give them a chance to counter strike. So, we would be calling for a counter strike and handing them our own strategies of attack to be used against us.

6. Protecting national interest over political pressure

PM has indeed agitated other political parties by carrying out something that was long being asked for. This has reduced their chances in future elections. However, PM must prove his strength here by being confident of his actions and not giving priority to political pressure over the general interest of the nation.

7. Enough witnesses

There are enough eye witnesses to attest to the fact that indeed the surgical strike was carried out at predawn. There have been eye-witnesses who have reported that there were explosions and bodies were loaded into trucks for secret burial since Pakistan continues to play oblivion. They also recounted that there were strikes on launch pads that has struck Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba at places where it hurts. The makeshift buildings of the jihadists were also destroyed.

It should also be noted that releasing this one footage will build pressure on all the coming governments to release any such footages of strikes across borders citing example of this case. When one has the responsibility of leaving behind examples of how the nation will act later, they have to consider the larger interest of the nation over political games.
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  • Completely agree.. It's a disrespect to questioned our brave army !!