7 Social Media Activities that Boost Your Career

7 Social Media Activities that Boost Your Career

7 Social Media Activities that Boost Your Career

The growing importance of Social Media is known to everyone. In fact, social media has taken over the trade magazines as the major source of job hunting. Hence, not only your presence on social media is important but also the ability to tap it to the fullest. The innovations in online recruitment are speeding up and it is very essential for people trying to give a boost to their career to match up to this lightning speed.

In this article, we get you some extremely important tips which can help you to use social media for boosting your career.

1. Visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn comes across as the most important social media platform for the purpose of professional networking and job search. As against, Facebook and other social media channels which promote personal networking, LinkedIn has a model which helps you to establish very effective professional networks. Just like other job portals, it also has a requirement for uploading resume. Hence, make sure that your resume and the details that you fill to complete your profile are accurate and well drafted for people to like your profile and add you to their networks. Getting a few testimonials from your connections can boost your profile.

2. Publishing your work on Social Medial to Showcase Your Expertise

The sole purpose of social media is not uploading pictures and check-ins as is becoming the latest trend. However, it is a very effective platform to showcase areas of your expertise and interest. Writing short articles say of about 500 words on the subject matter of your choice will give lot of insights about you to the readers. By writing on relevant issues, you can actually attract a lot of people to your profile, a few of whom can be your prospect employers as well.

3. Your own blog

A very important thing to do today is to create your blog. Writing articles on LinkedIn is also a good idea. You can then promote your blog on various social media platforms like Facebook etc. Writing blogs gives you enough popularity on social media. But what matters is the quality of your blog. Though it is always a great idea to write on current issues so that it attracts maximum readership but at the same time, it is important to avoid any controversial and racial issues. If you are technology savvy, having a website of your own can give you a better plunge into social media.

4. Meeting Other Experts

Social networking is a two-way process. The things that you curate or talk about on social media can actually help you attract experts in your field. Likewise, you can also be drawn to other experts depending upon the pages and posts you like, share and retweet. It is advisable to join groups on social media that pertain to your interest. Signing for small and meaningful petitions is also a good idea to come in the vicinity of people that share some interests as you.

Sometimes it is surprising to know what sort of opportunities can come up just because you were spotted by someone who thought you were right for a particular job.

5. Personal Branding

Develop your personal brand. You should own the responsibility of developing your personal brand and using social media to display your public face. Even big organizations and celebrities are hiring PR managers to develop their personal brand on social media. In your case, you have the responsibility of acting as an image consultant for yourself and developing and promoting your personal brand. The quality and popularity of your personal brand will determine the opportunities that come your way.

But you also have to ensure that your persona online and in person are in sync and that you have thoroughly considered the way you use different social media channels.

6. Industry Engagement

Once in a while networking on social media will not take you anywhere. Social Media has to be used to get more involved in the industry of your choice. The most effective way of doing so is by being a part of the same forums your partners and clients are engaged in. It is a really smart way of reminding others of your value.

7. Using Social Media Networks to Find Jobs

You will find job postings across all forms of social media. However, they may not be as apparent as on other job portals. But using hashtags like #Jobs can actually help you land on relevant pages.
Social Media is a great and a very handy tool that can actually give a boost to your career. However, it takes some time to get a hang of it and understand its functionality completely. Just don’t give up and you will learn new ways of using social media platforms as you spend more quality time on them.
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  • i am agree to that social media activities has boost my career.. various type of information got from social media... it is a single platform where i got most of information but important to the how to use this activity in our career.. thanks