7 things for a successful career change

7 things for a successful career change

7 things for a successful career change

There is anxiety, there is curiosity, there is the fear of facing the unknown and there is the excitement of doing something new and brighter. A career change is a mixture of emotions that can give you sleepless nights and make you think and overthink beyond presumption. There are things you know that can go wrong in the process and you can end up being somewhere you would regret later. But there is also a good chance that you can land yourself somewhere you always wanted to be.

A career change is not everyone’s piece of cake. It takes a lot of courage to face the unknown and plunge into the risk of losing what you already have. It can change your life for good if you follow the right path and avoid the common mistakes that most people would make at this point of time.

Here is a list of things you must consider before going for a career change:

1. Get the details right

A career change can be as benefiting as you want it to be. You can only take the right plunge when you know how it works. Do good amount of research on the career that you are about to take up. Know the ups and down and how you can go about doing things in the right way to maximize benefits. Get in touch with friends and people who are in that career and get the facts that apply in real.

2. Know what you want

You are changing career for a reason. Be it job satisfaction or clash of interest but you know that the present career wasn’t giving you all that you wanted. Make a list of things that you want from your career. Be realistic, please. This will help you decide if your new career will give you what you want and help you decide if it is the right choice of career change for you.

3. Know what you don’t want

Maybe long hours at work isn’t your piece of cake. Maybe you don’t want to be working in large team full of amateurs. Making a list of things you would do better to avoid in your career will help you decide which the right career change is for you. It is always better to acknowledge the things that put you off your present career so as to make sure that your new one doesn’t bring along the same.

4. Face your fear

There are always some fears accompanied by change in career. There is the risk of facing lower pay and more efforts to get used to the work environment. The best thing to do is to face them rather than telling yourself that you aren’t afraid at all. When you face your fear you also get the courage to overcome them. There are going to be hindrances. If you acknowledge them, you get the ideas to get over them too.

5. Cultivate your passion

Change in career should ensure that your passion gets the go. It is always better to go for the career that calls you from within, where lies your passion and interests. However, do not stick to the whim that just because you are passionate about something you will be good at it. Make efforts to excel in it before taking the big plunge. Hone the skills that are required to make you the best in it.

6. Gather some wealth beforehand

New career will not start well, at least for most people. While you concentrate on honing the skills, garnering details for the new career and its prospects, looking for new materials for practice, it is important that you aren’t constantly worried about money matters. It is hence recommended that you should be financially in a better position when you take the plunge.

7. Work into keeping yourself calm:

Career transition period can be very stressing. The beginning is usually full of despair and anxiety. There is so much going on within that if you don’t provide yourself a break you will not be able to keep calm. It is important that you take out some time for yourself, doing things other than work. Indulge in fun activities, meet friends, and spend time with family.
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  • RE: 7 things for a successful career change -things for a successful career change (05/28/18)
  • Career change has become a fashion and not compulsion any more. Nobody like to stick around on certain work for long, change is only constant and professionals emulate it. There are no scarcity of opportunities, one just need to pick an area of his choice. Some plunge into start-ups, others make hobby as profession. Authoring, blogging, training etc. are plethora of fields to pursue. Having said that, every field has its cons and complexities, plan in advance before taking up. Some short term courses help a lot to understand new career a bit. Learn every bits of its earning potentials and other details. Social networking can get you a lot of details online, your friends can also provide hands-on details of new assignment.
  • RE: 7 things for a successful career change -career change (05/02/18)
  • Career change is a new mantra to leapfrog a big success. Gone were the days when people were stuck to a career till their retirement. This generation loves new challenges and plunges to take up. Career change brings a moment of anxiety and fear as it's not easy dump status quo and start afresh. If there is challenge and risk, success rate is also high. You should refrain from reckless decision and plan well before digging a new well. Your meticulous research, passion, love would help you sailing through new path
  • RE: 7 things for a successful career change -Neeraj (10/18/16)
  • Career change can be a game changer and can land you where you always want to. But it has thorny path, it has its own share of risk and challenges. Proper reseach before plunging into unknown area is the key. If you secure yourself a bit financially before entering into a zone where your passion and interest lies, it will be easier to sail through initial jibe of new career.