7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer

7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer

7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer

After going through all the hassles of sending out numerous versions of your resume to suit the requirements of different jobs, you finally get the happier news that you have a job offer at hand. The first reaction would obviously be to jump up and grab the opportunity just to make sure that it isn’t slipping away. But wait up; did you compare your real skills with what they are looking forward to? Or did you simply write in the resume what you thought they might be interested in? Most people do that. Soft skills are important, people. If you simply bragged about them, now is the time to look at them seriously. You obviously need to articulate, translate and map your skills in the right position.

1. Listing out your skills

Make a list of your skills in the descending order of your strengths in them. It is important that you understand what your real strengths and weaknesses are. If you want you might as well score the skills on a scale of 10. This way you will have a clear understanding of what your true capabilities are.

2. What is the company looking for?

Take a look into their job description and requirements for the position. They obviously think you are fit for the position and that is why you have the offer at hand. It is time to prove them right. List up what are the most important skills the company requires you to possess. They are differently structured depending on the nature of jobs at companies and all you need to do is compare them.

3. Compare them up

Compare your scores in the skills that the company is looking for and see whether you are good, average or bad in them. This will give you a better idea of what the employer is expecting from you and how much you will have to work to present before them the skills that you bragged about in your resume. You surely did mention that you are fast learner, didn’t you? Well, it is time to work that out.

4. Adapting and learning

If the job says that you need to be good at communication and you are a rather introvert, you have no other option now but to start putting some real efforts into improving your communication skills. If they ask for punctuality, you might as well start functioning on a time table now. If teamwork is what they need, start trying to be a people’s person and lock that ego up in the closet.

5. Recall the interview

Was there something that they mentioned you need working on? Recall the interview and look for ideas that they suggested out to you. If you bragged about anything at the interview and they bought it, you are going to have to work and get those skills included in your real CV. If there were promises that you made, like telling them that you would learn those things sooner, it is time you start working on keeping those promises.

6. Skills do develop over time

It is understandable that skills don’t develop overnight just because the employer requires you to possess them. However, your interviewer must have gauged that already and knowing that lacked some, still offered you the job. There is nothing panicky about it. They are willing you to learn them overtime and you do not dread those skills at all. Having said that, you also do not take them for granted. Start working on them instantly.

7. Start reading

Put that internet to good use and start reading how you could excel at those skills and what they actually mean in your field. The translations do differ in various jobs and so does the requirement. Be specific in your research and you will be rewarded with good reads that are going to help you in the long run. Also, look for books on those skills. Books are always the best bet if you want to learn something new and there are books on teaching you almost everything under the sun.

The biggest catch is to map your skills wisely right at the very beginning. If your skills are well-mapped and in synchronization with the requirements of the employer, you might just be in for the big treat of your career.
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  • RE: 7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer -Rajendra Singh Bisht (09/02/16)
  • Bragging is not going to useful always. Sometimes one needs to be little bit honest while answering the questions of the interviewer. Giving wrong anwswers or bragging about the skills you don't have can put one into the doldrums. So, better it is to answer the questions diplomatically instead of with boastful approach.

    Sometimes one simple "no" as an answer can help avoid many complex situations.
  • RE: 7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer -Jaya Priyadarshini (09/02/16)
  • iOne more thing that can also boost our skills is Examining Yourself with Questions and answering them.
    iiAnd also By reading general knowledge books.
  • RE: 7 Tips to map your skills with the job offer -Mahek (09/02/16)
  • Beautifully explained! We often do not know how to bridge the gap between the actual and expected skills...comparing and working it out is the key.