8 gestures that win you great job offers

8 gestures that win you great job offers

8 gestures that win you great job offers

Body language plays an important role in what we call determining the first impression about someone at the interview. Apart from how you dress and talk, your body language being in sync with your words and attitude is what gets them to decide if you are the kind the person they are willing to welcome. There are things that tick and others that are immediate setback and you need to know them all to win that job offer you have been praying for.

1. The first impression

Yes, you are nervous, we all have been but that doesn’t have to show in your gestures. Wear the smile that tells the tale of your being excited about the interview. Walk with confidence to the room and greet them politely. Keep the hand shake firm. Make sure your phone is in silent mode, with no vibrations.

2. Eye contact

You must have heard that a lot but it is important so make sure you practice the habit of maintaining eye contact while answering. Some people do have a problem doing that. If you are shy or self-conscious, it becomes difficult to maintain eye contact. Gather your confidence and remember to breath and relax.

3. Posture

How you sit and maintain your posture tells a lot about you. Sit straight and stay poised with confidence. Your back should be straight and posture aligned with the way you are sitting. No slouching or stiffness. Do not dangle your hands on the sides. Keep them on your lap or on the desk and later while answering you can use them for gestures. Keeping your palms up usually elevates your energy and is seen as a good gesture. Do not close your palm as it bound to make it sweaty and that is not going to be a good sign as you shake hands while leaving.

4. Feet to the ground

Keeping your feet to the ground is also a good gesture that you should follow while at the interview. It tells that you are confident and ready but not arrogant or overconfident. Scientifically, this posture is said to benefit in answering twisted questions that require using your wisdom and intelligence.

5. Attentiveness

When the interviewer is asking the question or talking, it is important that you look attentive and nod where you agree. Putting on a blank expression will be seen as a negative approach and that you aren’t very much interested in the interviewer’s opinion or question.

6. Keeping calm

It is important that you keep breathing to calm you nerves. At some point of the interview, you might feel the pressure but remember that your facial expression should not show it. Do not knit those eyebrows in frustration if the interviewer is desperately trying to get under your skin. They do ask twisted questions all the time to test your patience. Smile through it with confidence and apologize if you do not happen to know the answer or got it wrong. It is only human to make mistakes and admitting that is just what can get you through the turmoil of the interview.

7. Don’t sweat it out

Nervousness or lying during the interview can make you sweat. It is definitely seen as a bad sign. It shows that you will succumb under pressure at work. It is very important that you do not miss on the fact that the interview is more a test of your behavioral pattern rather than your intelligence and qualifications. Keep it eased and forget being nervous altogether is it is going to make you sweat.

8. Do not rush out

Once the interview is over, do not be in a hurry to leave the place. It is seen as a negative behavior. Collect your things calmly, shake hands with the interviewers, smile politely to the one who shows you out and leave in an elegant manner.

A positive body language will do half the work for you in getting you that great job you have been admiring for. The way to crack it is to practice these things beforehand. Get into the habit of making these a part of your life and you are bound to get through it well.
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  • RE: 8 gestures that win you great job offers -Panny (09/09/16)
  • Your gesture can win or lose a job. Skills can be taught and administered, but a wrong attitude employee can be a big impediment and a liability for the company. Your gestures and overall body language are read closely at the time of interview. Your emotional quotient is also monitored through your gestures. Despite your fabulous interview, you can be rejected on the ground of lacking body sync with words.
  • RE: 8 gestures that win you great job offers -Marverick (09/08/16)
  • Job Opportunities are scare, failing in an interview can be a brutal setback. Preparation and planning before an interview shouldn't be ignored. Never reach the venue without preparation. Apart from keyskills, you should mend your gestures too. Your gestures reflect your personality. A perflexed body language can be taken unwelcoming by the interviewer. Despite skills, he can reject the candidate on the ground of wrong attitude. To be in sync with what you are saying, a right gesture is imperative. A holistic preparation can win you a glittering job