8 social media activities that harm your career

8 social media activities that harm your career

8 social media activities that harm your career

Social Media is not only changing the way we communicate but also how we look at opportunities. There is no doubt about the fact that Social media is booming with opportunities. But it is also true that it has its own share of unique challenges which if not paid attention to can cause long lasting detrimental effects to one’s career.

For some, effective networking through social media gives a boost to the career. For others, it could mean the end of the career. To avoid being the part of the later group, keep the following things in mind.

Here, we get you the list of eight most harmful Social Media activities that can be detrimental to your career.

1. Using Texting or Offensive Language

Your present or future employer may get offended by the texting language you use on your social media account. The short forms used by you may mean different things to different people and you can’t control that the person understand exactly what you have written.

Use of proper grammar and vocabulary is the safest option always as it not only reduces the chances of ambiguity but also stresses on your good communication skills. With the changes in the cyber laws, offensive or abusive language can land you in legal problems.

2. Posting Indecent Pictures

It is becoming a trend and a fashion statement to post certain obscene pictures in the name of modernity. Putting pictures with alcohol is the latest trend. Even if you are above the permissible age of alcohol consumption, posting such pictures can not only cost you your job but dignity as well. Posting pictures while on vacation is a good idea but you should use your judgement and wisdom to decide which pictures should be posted and which should not be. Posting every picture is not a good idea.

3. Complaining About Your Boss

Social Media is definitely not a platform to express your feelings towards your job or boss. Even if you think your posts are private and safe from the eyes of your boss, a colleague might be able to forward it to him or her. They may not hurt your job instantly, but certainly haunt you later. Even a future employer may get put off noticing your habit of badmouthing your boss or job. Hence, this action of yours can have multiple implications.

4. Plagiarizing

Plagiarism is the most unacceptable offence in the business and academic world. It is being dealt with extreme strictness in law. It gives an indication that not only the person is incompetent but also lacks integrity. Hence, posting someone else’s articles can land you in serious trouble. However, sharing on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter are completely acceptable and appreciated. The original authors must get the credit for their posts and publications.

5. Mocking/Complaining about Your Customers

The last thing you want to do on social media is mock your customers. Complaining about customers is the least acceptable as it shows your company in a bad light. Social Media should definitely not be used to highlight sensitive issues or people related matters.

6. Lying about your personal details

Lying about your qualifications, certifications and work experience on social media is very harmful. Do not forget that at the time of the interview, your personal details get validated. By lying on social media about important thinks like your skills, experience etc, you are not only losing your job but also integrity. Your present employer may also get offended if he finds you flaunting or exaggerating your skills, experience or qualifications on social media.

7. Sharing company secrets

The best way to get rid of your job and land in a legal suit is by sharing your company’s secrets on social media. Sharing your trade secrets or internal discussions even informally, without any mal-intention can cause serious problems. Not only you will lose your present job but future prospects also become difficult. A persistent yet a matured presence on social media is the need of the hour.

8. Lack of social media presence

Contrary to what we have been discussing so far, lack of presence on Social Media is as harmful as doing any of the things discussed above. In this digital age, lack of presence on social media is reflective of the fact that either a person is not good in networking or he is trying to hide something. Both these perceptions can harm of present and future career prospects. As a professional, a presence on social media is a must.
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