8 tips to lead a cashless life

8 tips to lead a cashless life

8 tips to lead a cashless life


A whirlwind of economic distress took the nation by storm after PM Modi announced demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. Banks are full of people wanting to exchange old notes, deposit savings in those currencies and withdraw fresh ones. There is huge shortage of change as ATMs are providing only the new higher currency. In big cities, people are known to stay in line from dawn to dusk to get only a small amount of cash. At such times, e-banking and various other cashless transactions are a rescue. Hence, we bring you few tips on how to live cashless.

1. Handling bills

If you have to pay electricity, mobile and all other such bills that cannot be delayed, you can always go for online transactions that are very much facilitated by all service providers. There are utility apps that are huge help and quite easy to handle when it comes to paying bills. Airtel Money, Paytm, Freecharge and many other such apps are available across mobile platforms. One can also use internet banking sites of banks and their apps to pay bills. They have easy pay options which are user friendly and interactive.

2. Daily household necessities

For buying groceries and food products, you can go to supermarkets which accept all types of debit/credit and wallet cards. Supermarkets and malls like BigBazar, Reliance Fresh, etc. are present across all major cities and even in smaller towns. Additionally, there are online grocery stores that can home deliver your goods and you can pay them online.

3. Shopping

The same goes for all other shopping needs. Right from malls to online shopping sites, all them have the facility of online payment via net banking, debit card, credit card, PayPal, etc. Most of the shops also accept card payments via PoS.

4. On the go

Commuting had become easier with Ola cabs and Uber which provide service all over the country. They accept online and digital payment which comes handy when you are short of change. For long distance travelling you can book online tickets for train, bus, plane via MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, redBus, etc. Some of them even provide options to pre-order your lunch and dinner while on the trip and the payment is calculated along with the total expense. You can also book hotels via digital payment.

5. Hospital bills

Hospitals are asked to accept the old currencies but if they still refuse to cooperate, there are helpline numbers that you can use. Additionally, you can ask if they accept card payments. Private hospitals, at least the bigger ones, will accept health cards and other payment cards. There are online sites that can deliver your medicines home while accepting digital payment. Some of those sites are certified by Health association of India like 1mg. There are other sites too like Netmeds, Pharmeasy, and Medidart.

6. Local workers and helpers

You can help your housemaid, driver, plumber, electrician, etc. in understanding how to use Paytm and Babajob. Additionally there are other apps like Urbanclp, Housejoy and Zimmber which can help in the same way. They fear how to use these apps and you can help them by explaining in simple terms how to use it and what are the facilities of getting paid via these apps.

7. Paying school fee

Modern schools have started accepting bank payments, cheques and digital PoS payments too. If not the digital payment, they are bound to accept cheque in such a time as this. The receptionist could help you with other digital payment process if they have any like online transfer to school account etc.

8. Entertainment

You can always book tickets to movies, shows, events, concerts via online sites that accept digital payment. BookMyShow is the best when it comes to booking tickets. More and more people have started using the app even before demonetization had hit. You can order food online from FoodPanda and related sites.

So you see, going cashless is not very difficult in today’s time. It is agreed that not everyone can have easy access to the cashless services but it would be better to avail these when you can and let the bank and ATM lines eased for people who really need them.
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  • Why are banks so eager to call on their customers to stop using cash?