9 things you shouldn’t do during your notice period!

9 things you shouldn’t do during your notice period!

9 things you shouldn’t do during your notice period!

Notice period is that crucial time which is either ignored by people or in case of others, they become more conscious that they are being watched and judged. Whether it is your decision to leave or the company’s, there are a set of rules that you should follow at all time and it shouldn’t affect your professionalism at work.

You should be as professional as you were before, and of course, avoid these few mistakes that most people make.

1. Losing focus: When you start losing interest, it shows. You might have started reprioritizing things in your interest, but that doesn’t serve as an excuse to be less dedicated at work. You should keep in mind that you are still meant to serve the purpose for which you were hired and since you are still holding the position, you are meant to do your work faithfully and with all the focus that it requires.

2. Unpunctuality: You probably have other things to take care of at the time but that shouldn’t keep you from work. Showing up late at work or finding excuses to leave early is a bad sign that will be taken negatively by the employers and your co-workers. You will be seen as unprofessional and ignoring your responsibilities at work.

3. Ignoring your boss: You do not need to feel conscious in front of your boss in this period of time just because you decided to leave the company or have been dismissed. In either case, you know that you are going to have to live with the choices made and hence you must face the boss with dignity. Give him his due respect and keep up the communication that is required. Ignoring him will make you look like an arrogant person.

4. Holding grudges: There is a good chance that towards the end, you would have made friends as well as enemies or people you don’t get along with. However, this is the time to let things go instead of holding on to grudges and blaming them for anything that happened at work. Communicate with them and let them know that you have no hard feelings for them. You never know who you could be working with or for, later in life.

5. Incomplete work: Leaving behind incomplete work is as bad as leaving behind things that spoil your hard earned reputation of years. Instead, be willing to help the ones who are to be taking forth the project you must be working on. Volunteer to finish off any work that requires your attention. Be open about sharing knowledge with the one who takes your place or responsibility. Do not give them a reason to curse you with a plethora of incomplete work that others have no idea of.

6. Showing off: Your new work place could be larger, better and paying you more but that doesn’t give you an excuse to boast and compare the two. It would be absolutely unfair to make these people who you are leaving behind feel envious and down while you climb higher ladders. It is already obvious to them that you are happy with your decision and you do not have to make it evident by being overly enthusiastic about it.

7. Official goodbyes: You worked at a place for some time, gained knowledge, experience and most probably some wealth off it. You are expected to be thankful and reciprocate the love and respect you are given. Write off official emails thanking people who have been of help. Promise to be in contact and keep that promise. If you are relocating, meet them personally before leaving to thank them and tell them that you are going to miss the place and people. This doesn’t only serve as a good gesture but also makes it evident that you are someone to be in touch with all the time, to help and get help when required.

8. Not clearing your trash: You owe the place and the one to come next a clean place to settle down. The last thing you want to do is leave behind those useless trash as a memoir for your ex-colleagues. They are not going to be very happy about clearing the desk after you so do your own cleaning before you leave the premises.

9. Clearing debts: If you borrowed things or money from your co-workers, be sure to return them during this period. You don’t want to leave behind a bad memory that the person will have when they think of you. Clear your other bills including the cafeteria or canteen’s.
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  • RE: 9 things you shouldn’t do during your notice period! -Notice period (05/31/18)
  • Your actual conduct come to the fore when you are on notice period. Its a make or break period, there are some who leave the company with good note keeping door open for rejoining while others leave permanently. Maintaining relationships are the key to remain relevant in the job market. Those who don't care and respect co-workers and bosses find difficult at the time when the chips are down. Offending colleagues at the time of serving notice period is the last thing one should resort to. It wipe out all the good work you might have done and imprints bad image, closing many future doors. Social networking can get you good break in career and one should never break network with ex-colleagues. We should ensure to be in the good books of our friends, we never know who would extend olive branch at the time of need.