A date with nature pauses monotonous life

A date with nature pauses monotonous life

A date with nature pauses monotonous life

It is not tough to get exhausted being confined to a recurring pattern of job. Mundane activities can leave us with a sense of stagnation and boredom. Feeling of being dispassionate towards work can cripple your zeal to achieve target. It’s hard to apply patience to persevere with things that you were enjoying previously.

Are you bogged down with your mundane daily life? - Go for a nature stroll. It is a great way to take the plunge to escape the wheel of monotony. You will feel immediate stimulus effect with nature’s overwhelming colors and calmness, which no medicine can provide. You will feel emotionally better and physically stronger.

Nature is the best gift that God has showered on us in abundance and expects not to disturb it in return. It lends an infinite beauty and reminds us why we should never give up in life.

It has healing energy that is cheaper than any therapy, you just need a soul to embrace it. With arms open wide, nature is there for all of us, one just needs to step out and feel it. There are many stunning sights away from the hustle-bustle of city that you can't take your eyes off, so pure which cure you.

Keeping yourself healthy is your business; it’s none of other’s business. Consuming medicines is like bombing your body with chemicals. You should take them when really required. Strolling in nature and breathing fresh air heals body in natural and ancient way. Amazing weather and lovely views extend a sense of well-being . Unfortunately, many of us pay no heed, missing out the offer that it has.

Life would be lifeless if you are devoid of scenic and breathtaking beauty of nature. Embracing the joy of nature and soaking in all the greenery contributes to holistic wellness and has a cooling effect on eyes that boosts vision

For those who are foodies, you can't enjoy lip-smacking meals and scrumptious food more than you would after a lovely nature walk. Such experience is stimulus for every cell of body and a great idea to infuse freshness even in the most mundane daily routines.

Monsoon is a great time to explore mesmerizing beauty of nature when rain connects heaven and earth. From lightning strikes, cloud formation and soothing sound of heavy downpour, it is so exhilarating to watch. Mere thought of lovely weather, greenery all around, breathtaking views of hills, forest trails etc. fill us with relentless energy.

- Nishant Kumar
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