Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups

Interactions in today's world are getting more and more concentrated to text messages and social media apps. Gone are the days when friends would meet up to discuss plans or simply have a good time. The era of conference calls came and went too. Now there are virtual groups on WhatsApp and other similar social media apps for different types of like minded people wanting to share ideas, information, discussions, debates, recipes, vacation plans, or even for catching up with college and school friends.


1. Sharing: Virtual groups are great for sharing ideas and inspirations that could encourage each other and help them develop skills which they otherwise wouldn't have the time and resource to learn. For instance, communication skills improve for introverts.

2. Stress relieving: Having like minded people in a group can have a good impact on mental health of a person who might be going through something difficult, especially when they don't feel like going out and meeting people or might have obligations that don't let them do that.

3. Healthy debates: Differently opinionated people discussing an issue in a polite and respectful manner can go a long way in developing mutual respect for each other's opinion even though they might not agree to the same though.

4. Time management: It is difficult in busy schedule to keep track of the lives of people who have been important in your life. Getting together in a virtual group can give one the opportunity to find some time between all the work to share and hear which strengthens old bonds.


1. Lost connection: People rarely go out and meet old friends these days. Being in touch is mostly kept to virtual groups where most don't know or have any interest in knowing the others. Sometimes we might not even want to be a part of a group.

2. Social anxiety: If you think your conversations skills are 10/10 just because you stay active on virtual groups and participate in discussions, there is a big chance you might be wrong. Not meeting people often and keeping conversations confined to virtual group can lead to social awkwardness.

3. Losing individuality: One can have many friends but there has to be some really close ones with whom one can share the hard moments of life. Groups don't facilitate this. The entire group could be unaware that a member is depressed or in need of emotional support.

4. Chaos: Social media groups can wreck havoc if not administrated by a responsible person. It can be used to propagate and instigate violence. Kasganj tragedy, for instance, was a result of one such group discussion leading to hurting of religious sentiments.


While virtual groups have their advantages, it should be used responsibly to ensure peace and positivity. Also, there should be group meets once in a while to know each other personally.
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  • RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups -Virtual Groups - group discussion (04/17/18)
  • Virtual Group is a great find of current generation. Given the hectic schedule and time crunch with pathetic traffic on the road, meeting people face to face is the uphill task. Virtual groups have extended an olive branch where people can interact, share and discuss virtually at the lowest possible cost without comprising on comfort, sitting from anywhere. You can join a group of your endeavor and get all important information from relevant people without personally knowing them. They have their share of pitfalls as well, we are becoming social awkward in absence of lack of participation socially. We are becoming victim of knowing too many irrelevant information, keeping us diverted and distracted from our focused area. Gluing to mobile phone during productive hours has become regular tendency, impacting performance. These groups have many benefits for those who use them judiciously and responsibliy
  • RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups -Are Virtual Groups only future? (03/13/18)
  • Virtual Groups have acquired a prolific space in our life. We spend valuable time on these groups. Many ways one can easily say that present atmosphere require such virtual interactions. Physical proximity is not possible to address many issues, virtualization is a great gift we can enjoy. Today, we are vastly informed on issues that occur miles away from us. Such platform equip all of us to voice our opinions. There are many ways these groups have become our necessity. It has many pitfalls as well that can upstage us from our goal. In many ways, creativity of people are deprecating because of our over indulgence virtually. We come across tons of information that are irrelevant to our focused endeavor. Younger people spend a lot of time to know breaking news as they are so handy to get leading them to lose focus. These groups are the source of entertainment that are so cheap. Over indulgence would be harmful beyond imagination.
  • RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Groups -Virtual groups - Group Discussion (03/05/18)
  • Virtual groups offer a great deal of benefits but it comes with loads of side effect. Those who use it responsibly can reap massive benefits with minimal cost and time. But this modern package has many grey areas that has been tolling hard on new generation. They wobble from one group to another, spending their precious time with no purpose. Physical proximity is on the wane leading to social awkwardness. The cases of depression are on the rise due to loneliness.