Airports and multiplexes should follow normal MRP!

Airports and multiplexes should follow normal MRP!

Airports and multiplexes should follow normal MRP!

Buy a pack of chips and a bottle of water at a multiplex and you know how much more you have to pay than the normal MRP of the same product outside. All packed products are supposed to be sold at a single MRP but airports, railway stations, multiplexes, and some other shops but the difference for common people is huge especially when you are a frequent to these places.

The consumer affairs department in its advisory to state government has suggested that there cannot be two maximum retail prices for the same product. If the government would order these places to maintain the same pricing as outside, people would definitely be relieved.


1. Dual MRP: It should be noted that there is absolutely no provision for dual MRP in the packaged commodity rules. The same commodity could be sold at two different prices in two different states and that too when it is mentioned so in the package of the product. In the same region, the same commodity should not be sold at different MRPs with nothing as such mentioned in the package.

2. Two MRPs: Even in products that have two different MRPs (except for different states) mentioned on its packaging, the lowest one is to be treated as the actual price and the consumer has every right to ask the seller to offer the lowest one. This rule is definitely ignored at multiplexes, airports and others shops. It is necessary that the government instruct these places to keep with the normal MRPs.

3. Ignored orders: There have been orders from the National Consumers Disputes Redressal Commission (NCD-RC) that no one could sell bottled water at different MRPs. This order was meant for all public places including malls, multiplexes, airports, railway stations, etc. The order did apply to all other products as well but is simply being ignored.

4. No food from outside: Once you enter the multiplex premises, you are at their mercy for food and drinks. Ever since they made the rule of not bringing food and drinks from outside, the whole point of it was to make sure that the food stalls do some good business there. If they already have this rule to promote good business, there is no reason why their prices should be more than MRP promised on the package.


1. Distribution of profits: Multiplexes charge a lot of rent from the shops because they rely a great deal on the profit they earn from them. Movies take a lot of ticket profits hence multiplexes are left with the only option of earning from food shops. Food shops have to pay rents that are usually very high and taxes too; hence they raise the prices of food products.

2. Other shops: The same goes for other shops that have a great deal of rents to pay in order to afford shops at airports and malls. Taxes are also huge these days including some new taxes that are introduced from time to time. If they don’t raise the price beyond MRP, they will soon be running on loss. Before ordering them to maintain normal pricing, government has to consider their pleas too.

3. Maintenance: Food courts at afore mentioned places need high maintenance. They have staff that is well trained and educated to cater to your various demands. Electricity bills to keep huge areas cool are also something that they are burdened with. Along with all these they keep the place regularly refurbished and clean to provide good ambience.

4. Third party contractors: Most of the malls and multiplexes outsource food from shops to third party contractors at huge prices. The contactors have to recover their investment by earning more on sales. These are the places where people are left with very less options but to buy from these stalls only at whatever price they offer.

5. Because people can afford it: There is a simple rule that go into the rising of food product prices at these places. If one is expected to buy movie tickets for Rs 300, they can and mostly do afford food and drinks for Rs 150 or Rs 200 easily without complaining much except on social media. The food stall owners understand this behavior and so do we.

Airports and multiplexes wouldn’t be following the fixed MRP rule unless they are ordered by the government to do so. Not everyone can afford the high pricing. Every one of us must have seen some people who wouldn’t buy anything at these places. First time travelers would stay starved than buy that meal pack from McDonald’s at airport. Government must make the fixed MRP rule mandatory at these places.
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  • RE: Airports and multiplexes should follow normal MRP! -Jaya Priyadarshini (12/02/16)
  • Airports and multiplexes are strictly not allowing outside products with visitors inside. Somehow we can say that its Good also or bad also. For security purposes its really very good because after lots of steps also it sometimes got difficult for the people to catch that if there any food or purse anything else also is getting carried by them that really can be risky.