Alternative modes of transport should be encouraged

Alternative modes of transport should be encouraged

The first car appeared on British roads in 1888 but the number of cars on road runs in millions today. Does this call for an alternative mode of transport to be encouraged? Should some laws be introduced to control the car ownerships? What is your view?

On one hand, it is a matter of pride that technological advancements have been so rapid in the last century and the income and standard of living of people have increased so much that today there are millions of cars on roads. But on the other hand, taking the traffic problems and high level of pollution into account, it becomes important that alternative modes of transport be encouraged.

We find people complaining that earth is getting sick due to increasing environmental pollution. However, the biggest reason for this increase in environmental pollution is increase in the number of vehicles on the roads.

If people start using public transport like buses, trains, metros, the number of cars on the roads would decrease. This will reduce the traffic jams and the related stress. Also, the air pollution and noise pollution will see a drastic dip.

Also, less fuel will be used if the number or vehicles running on the roads are reduced and the danger of natural resources getting depleted will be evaded for some time.

Government should conduct various awareness programs and campaigns which would educate people about the environment and motivate them to use more and more public transport. Also, some laws can be introduced to control car ownership. For example, kind of laws which limit the number of vehicles a single person can own.

A better step would however be to make public transport more comfortable and easily accessible. In developing countries, the condition of public transport is not very good and they are generally crowded beyond their capacity. Improving the quality of public transport by Government in developing countries like India, would automatically encourage the public to opt for public transport.

It can be concluded, that number of cars on the roads is definitely a sign of development but this development comes with a cost that environment has to pay. Hence, public awareness and some simple steps by the Government can address the problem effectively and people can also save on their transportation costs.
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  • RE: Alternative modes of transport should be encouraged -rishika jalan (04/14/14)
  • The use of cars has increased to a great extent and has spread rapidly in today‚Äôs times. With economic development and rise in standards of living, people can easily afford cars in comparison to earlier times. But this has a major negative impact on our environment. The usage of cars results in polluting the atmosphere and leads to air pollution. To reduce this issue other modes of transport should be greatly encouraged. Public transport system is the best and people should be motivated to use that. With metro trains people can move faster form one place to another and it also runs on more efficient power sources. Other modes like solar powered cars, bikes, public buses or even walking brings many benefits to people and to the environment. By walking short distances one can maintain a good physical life and also reduce pollution which would otherwise have been caused by travelling in cars.The government should also make a rule as to the number of cars a family can own. All this will add to conserving our environment for a better future.