AMI Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

AMI Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

AMI is the abbreviation of American Megatrends. American Megatrends have their expertise in storage and computing innovations worldwide. They manufacture hardware and software solution for the global computer marketplace to build and create advanced computing systems. AMI is headquartered in Atlanta with offices spread across the world.

AMI has a stringent process of hiring people. It has been observed that their interviews are conducted over 2 days, wherein there were 2 rounds which were conducted in the college premises and the 2nd day’s interview rounds were conducted in the company’s official campus. In the first round there are 3 sections, i.e. C, C++ and Logical Reasoning. The ‘C’ section consists of 10 questions based on C language. In this section each question carries 1 mark. The ‘C++’ section also consists of 10 questions and the questions are majorly based on oops concepts carrying one mark each. The third and the last section of the first round as well involve 10 questions and each question carries different marks as assigned. This section consists of questions based on essay, verbal ability, logical reasoning, synonyms, distance and time, work.

Once you have successfully cross the first round you are shortlisted for the second round. The second round is again a written test round but usually elimination in this round is rare. The questions in this round are based on either Assemble Language Program or Java Programming. There are total of 30 questions in this round which you ought to complete in 30 minutes, i.e. you get one minute for each question. The 30 questions are subdivided into 2 parts, 10 questions from the ALP section and the rest 20 questions are covering the topic JAVA.

The third round is the technical HR round which is conducted to check the technical skills of the candidate. It takes usually 45 minutes to one and a half hour to complete this round, if you perform above average then you might be over with this round within 45 minutes and if you do not perform well it might take hour and a half to complete this round. C and ALP are the 2 basic subjects wherein the questions are based upon. This round is an integral round in the selection procedure as there are a lot of candidates who are eliminated from this round. This round usually happens in the company premises.

The fourth round is the Group Discussion round. Usually this round is conducted if they have a huge number of people shortlisted from the third round for further downsizing. But in often cases it has been observed that there is no need to conduct the GD round as there are not many people left in this round, hardly 3 – 4 candidates are left so they are directly forwarded to the fifth round.

The fifth round is the personal HR round. This is a general round conducted in all the companies and is usually an easy round. The questions comprise of hobbies, interests, personal background, educational details, salary expectations and any other projects as mentioned in the resume. If you are shortlisted the company usually requires you to be a bonded employee with them that is you cannot leave the company before 3 years bond which is signed by you on a legal document.

To clear all the rounds in AMI you need to have a strong grip on your technical concepts, especially if you have your concepts of ALP, Java and C/C++ language strong then you can easily clearly all the rounds. Be confident while answering the questions but do not be over smart or over confident.
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