Andhra Bank Written Test Paper

Andhra Bank Written Test Paper

Some of the questions observed in the written test papers of Andhra Bank from last some years are:

• From the below mentioned options choose the author of the novel “A Tale of Two cities”

a. H.G. Wells
b. Emile Zola
c. Charles Dickens
d. Daniel Defoe
e. None of the above

• From the below mentioned options who inaugurated the Hanover Technology trade Fair 2006?

a. Mr. Kamal Nath
b. Dr. P Chidambaram
c. Dr. Man Mohan Singh
d. Mr. Natwar Singh
e. None of the above

• Choose the correct option as to who doesn’t belong to the political party namely Left Front?

a. A. B. Bardhan
b. D. Raju
c. Prakash Karat
d. T. J. Chandrachoodan
e. M. Veerappa Moily

• Complete the following series A B B D C F D H E J ?

a. F
b. O
c. N
d. K
e. None of the above

• How far has Ram reached from the starting point if Ram walked 6 metres facing towards east, then took a right turn and walked a distance of 9 metres; He then took a left turn and

walked a distance of 6 metres?

a. 18 metres
b. 15 metres
c. 21 metres
d. Cannot be determined
e. None of the above

• Statements:

I. Some dams are rivers
II. All mountains are dams
III. All hills are mountains
IV. All rivers are lake


I. Some dams are lakes
II. Some dams are hills
III. Some hills are lakes

a. Only II and III follow
b. Only I and III follow
c. Only I and II follow
d. All follow
e. None of the above

• Which of the following country was not amongst the four countries to which the International Cricket Council awarded the right to host the Cricket World Cup – 2011 jointly?

a. Pakistan
b. Sri Lanka
c. Nepal
d. Bangladesh
e. India

• In April 2006, where was the meeting of the International Energy Forum held?

a. Basra
b. Tripoli
c. Ankara
d. Doha
e. Tehran

• In the year 2008, as per the estimates of the Asian Development Bank, how much will the Indian Economy grow?

a. 8%
b. 7%
c. 8.5%
d. 7.5%
e. None of these

• Federal Reserves is the Central Bank of

a. Japan
b. China
c. Canada
d. Britain
e. U.S.A

• A set of instruction sequence is given, you are required to find out the outcome for the given question mark in the given sequence:

17$4*8 = t

7©t%15 =?

a. 53
b. 13
c. 11
d. 51
e. None of the above

• Given below questions consists of three statements numbered 1,2 and 3. Choose the correct option to decide the data provided is sufficient to answer the question.
How is Sanjeev related to Radha?

I. Sanjeev has no siblings
II. Radha has only one brother
III. Sanjeev is son of Radha’s Grandfather’s only daughter.

a. Only I and II
b. Only I and III
c. Only II and III
d. Only I and either II or III
e. None of the above

• A group of letters is coded along with following conditions. Choose the correct option for the question formed by groups of coded numbers.
Letter: P D A F L H M R K T BE U
Code: 3 6 # 8 $ 4 2 7 @ 9 5 1 %

i. If the first letter is a vowel and last letter as a constant both are to be coded as 0
ii. If the first letter is a constant and the last letter is a vowel both are to be coded as ©
iii. If the first and last letter are vowels, both are to be coded as the code for first letter.


a. 1$934%
b. %$934%
c. %$9341
d. 1$9341
e. None of the above

• RBI modifies various rates / ratios to keep the flow of liquidity balanced. Which of the following ratio is NOT directly controlled by RBI

a. Repo Rate
b. Wholesale Price Index
c. Cash Reserve Ratio
d. Bank Rate
e. Reserve Repo Rate

• The Current Account Deficit if India has been raised by 77% because of the import of which product?

a. Gas
b. Sugar
c. Food grain
d. Oil
e. None of the above

• Which of the banking terminology will be termed for opening a savings bank account of a minor girl?

a. Social Banking
b. Retail Banking
c. Corporate Banking
d. Institutional Banking
e. Merchant Banking

• From the below mentioned options, which term is not used in the Banking Sector?

b. SLR
c. NPA
d. Credit Rating
e. Fixed
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