Are there any online courses available?

Are there any online courses available?

There are many distance learning courses available but there is no online course available. You can however avail tips, presentations and tutorials which can polish your teaching skills.

Tell me something about Online Teaching?

- Online Teaching has become the talk of the town. There are many institutes which offer online teaching platform to students. These tutors teach both Indian and overseas students. There is a great demand for Indian Teachers in the Global Online Teaching Industry. The main reason is, the level of studies in India as compared to the western counterparts is more difficult. Consequently the quality of teachers in India is much better than those in these countries. Not many people are still aware of the online teaching system. As a result of this unawareness there is a dearth of online teachers in the country.

- Online Teaching companies have their own standards or eligibilities for the selection of the teachers. Some of these companies look for candidates who are post graduate with a degree in education, i.e. B.Ed. or M.Ed. while others may want a graduate in the stream. The selection is usually on the basis of an online screening test based on the subject which is to be taught, followed by an interview.

- The salary is paid on hourly basis, starting from 100 INR per hour to 500 INR per hour. The pay depends on the subject the tutor is teaching. Subjects like foreign languages pay you more than conventional subjects such as Mathematics, English or Science.
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