Are we a soft state?

Are we a soft state?

26/11, as the name comes, a terror appears on people’s face. Some people get sad while some get aggressive remembering about the incident. It was one of the most unfateful and destructive days in history of India. It was a day of terror attacks that took lives of more than 166 innocent people. Still, the Indian government took a long time and spent crores of money before hanging Kasab. In the worsening scenario is still India a soft state?


• Day by day lethal threats are rising, terrorism is growing, but what is the government doing? It is still taking a soft stance towards the criminals.

• The rape cases in UP, the brutal killing and merciless actions, crimes are there but no strong actions against the criminals.

• In the Nirbhaya case what made the government to delay the court decisions for so long? The whole country can see the injustice done to her, but still the government was behaving softly with criminals.

• Jayalalitha defends the mercy politics and wanted the Rajiv Gandhi’s killers to walk free. But why and for what reason they deserve freedom.

• Why doesn’t the government understand that it is setting the worst example in front of the country’s people to go ahead and perform crimes as India is a soft state that doesn’t believes in punishing people?


• India has always promoted non-violence. That doesn’t means it is taking a soft stance against its enemies. If it had been the case, we won’t have received our freedom.

• Talking about the punishments, how can people forget the punishment given to Sanjay Dutt against the TADA case? He was a high profile actor but still got the punishment.

• How can people forget the INS Vikrant, the first aircraft carrier that played a crucial role in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war? And now it is the time of INS Vikramaditya and LCA Tejas.

• India has got the most indigenous range of solutions to keep their armed forces well equipped with arms, equipment and technology.

• The current governor of RBI has taken strong actions and raised interest rates to bring the rising inflation under control.

• Our PM has recently said, India will not bow down in front of anyone. We want a relationship of equality where in we are able to look into the eyes of other countries and do not have to talk to them looking down.


It is ok to be good, but is it ok to be good always? This is the main question that everyone keeps on asking to India and its government. Definitely, war, violence or punishments are not permanent solutions but then it is the way through which Indian government can control the damage. It is the high time, country should think about taking some harsh measures to bring in the required change.
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  • RE: Are we a soft state? -Deepa Kaushik (06/20/14)
  • India is definitely a soft state. We don’t have any stringent rules or regulations. We lack the courage and confidence to provide justice to the victim. We have failed to implement law and order in the country. All we have is a big kind heart to shelter all the crimes and criminals, giving them a gentle touch for punishment. The days are not far when India would be tagged as a ‘land of criminals and accused’.

    It is not that India lacks power, or brains. We do have ample forces, sufficient manpower and immense brain power to rule the entire world. But, what we are lacking today is moral, which has opened the gateway to the termite corruption. Corruption has eaten a big part of our nation and is continuously attacking us as its prey. This is the soul reason for loopholes not only in the judicial system, but at each and every nook and corner of our country.

    If we Indians forget our power and rights, we will lose our democratic set-up completely and the soft state will soon turn out to be a slave under different supreme powers. Giving way to the criminals, delaying the justice, burdening the common man with huge taxes and letting of the millionaires with their black money; yes we do are a soft state. We do search for the humanitarian grounds to save the accused who has committed a brutal offence.

    If we continue our rationalism towards the accused, the confidence level of the criminals will enhance multi-fold. Forget the Gandhian thought for a woman to move alone at 12 at night; we are not even confident to leave females to move out in bright daylight. Our soft heart is letting us down with shame in front of the world. Still, we proudly announce ourselves to be a soft state!!!