Arvind Kejriwal is an ‘Anarchist’: Narendra Modi

Arvind Kejriwal is an ‘Anarchist’: Narendra Modi


Launching BJP’s poll campaign for Delhi assembly elections, PM Modi, said that if the AAP chief Arvind kejriwal wants to be an ‘anarchist’ as he claimed to be, he should go to the naxals as Delhi cannot have anarchy. He further taunted that anarchist cannot run the government. Kejrival had said about a year ago that he is an ‘anarchist’. Yadav came to the defense of his party member by saying that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was another politician who also believed in anarchy. Is Arvind Kejriwal anarchist or is it just BJP’s election strategy that got the AAP leader a wind up of his own words?


1. Kejriwal bears an arrogant attitude as he like to charge unproved statement against any politician and call everyone corrupt. He may be called anarchist on grounds of evidence that he spared no politician when it came to defaming them to propagate the good deeds of his own party.

2. He is always fervent when it comes to getting the fights on show on roads, dharnas are his personal attack weapons and he believes in unorthodox opinion such as spycams, stings and people singing which are the ideologies and entities of anarchist. Anarchy could be the right way to fight against corruption but when it gets to extremities, we do get naxals and aggressors.

3. Kejriwal is not the only leader who mastered protests for benefits of the people and took the courage to call himself an anarchist but there is no defying the fact that M.K. Gandhi was also an anarchist leader from Gujarat. His measures for protest were peaceful and non-violent just as Arvind Kejriwal has been in doing since AAP saw the dawn of emergence.

4. Kejriwal has spoken about direct democracy instead looking to the state for individual freedom and his way of putting plans to action makes him closer to the title of an anarchist. His intentions might be good but the way he implements them earned him the title by Modi.


1. Anarchist signifies a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms of government, with no purpose of establishing any system of order. Till date not even a single incident cannot be recalled where Arvind kejriwal revolted with violence or encouraged other AAP member to adopt violence as a means to get their plans into action.

2. Kejriwal is not an anarchist. He protest against the customs which that have been constantly destroying lives of common people in India. Others support him not because they are forced or enrolled in political parties or AAP member but because of having good faith on him, for the man he is and for the ideologies he holds close.

3. Kejriwal is a man of unadulterated mind and anarchy can never reside in such a mind. If he demands real accountability and persuades people not to pay unrealistic electricity bill, to take a stand against corruption, not comprising the action against the inability of the police to protect women, it’s not anarchy. It could be the modernized tool to get rid of corruption.

4. Though he adapts means such as dharnas for people's good, he also went by his fundamentals by adopting fair measures under law and rolled out helplines, abandoned Janata Darbars and discarded the VIP-neta tag.

5. Anarchism rejects all forms of state authority and embraces self-rule. He never rejected order in any sense of terms. Anarchy means without any ruler and nothing about Kejriwal suggests that he is in terms with such type of rule in India; he is himself a great leader – the kind that India will need in times to come.

6. Modi taunted Kejriwal as anarchist only for opposing him and to present before the public negative terms about the competitive party by making personal remarks against him. Protesting and staging dharna is not the only work of AAP but it has also got several other achievements at the same time which cannot be ignored.


Instead of calling him an anarchist he may better be called a crusader who continues to struggle against the statue of the system that doesn't respond to any other means which influence people to support him with the opinion that a street protestor can only set the system right. It is very evident that Kejriwal honors the laws and regulation as he never adopted violence as a means for protest. A year back, Kejriwal said that he is an anarchist and PM Modi points it out now to defeat him. Its doesn't seemed favorable for the PM to make such statement for opposing any leader. Thus Arvind Kejriwal it's not an anarchist but a true leader who works for growth of nation.
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  • RE: Arvind Kejriwal is an ‘Anarchist’: Narendra Modi -rizvan (01/19/15)
  • he is a anarchist or we can say a leader with many finds .people game him the biggest opportunity that he can get but despite of that what he return to his people was betray,, for him a word suits better that--think before you say and say what you think you can do.
  • RE: Arvind Kejriwal is an ‘Anarchist’: Narendra Modi -ravichandra (01/19/15)
  • right to speech is what is can be deduce from above the topic . simple projectile of routine indian politics
  • RE: Arvind Kejriwal is an ‘Anarchist’: Narendra Modi -Deepa Kaushik (01/16/15)
  • Arvind Kejriwal is an anarchist from his own wordings. He is the one who claimed himself to be an anarchist. Whatever Narendra Modi spoke, he never called Arvind Kejriwal an anarchist by himself. He just put forth the past words of the ex-Delhi CM Kejriwal.

    Speaking of Kejriwal, the term anarchist would be a bit on the negative aspect. He is much of arrogant type of personality who likes to go on his laid lines. But anarchism would call more for the violent aspect which doesn’t suit his very personality. Though he is stubborn, he hasn’t proved to be a destructive entity on the whole picture. He could be called a self-centred personality rather than an anarchist.

    When we talk of Modi reciprocating his words, we should always remember that Modi is a good orator and a politician in the base. His moves and words are very tactful and captivating. His speech reminding Kejriwal’s self-description is definitely for his political gain of power an authority. His way of utilizing the opponent’s speech denotes his concentration on the opposition, memory and intelligence to use the same in his favour a the time of requirement.

    Thus, Modi’s speech doesn’t make any stern note on Kejriwal. It was Arvind Kejriwal who had a nomenclature for himself which ended against his repute. Provided Arvind Kejriwal is correct in assessing himself as an anarchist, then we should accept with Modi that an anarchist is not a right candidate in a democratic set-up.