Attitude makes habit, habit makes character and character makes a man...

Attitude makes habit, habit makes character and character makes a man...


Attitude refers to the way in which a person thinks or feels demonstrated by his behaviour. It is said that positive attitude makes people perform better than the rest. Attitude is built up over years and hence it is majorly defined by one’s thoughts carried on through childhood. It is this attitude which becomes a habit over time and habits of a person always demonstrate its character.

Why a good attitude?

History has witnessed great men such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln who demonstrated some unique qualities that differentiated them from the rest. Gandhi’s resilience and motivational approach whereas Abraham Lincoln demonstrated persistence, beliefs and courage. Their optimism ensured that even though the gauntlet was thrown down to them, they possessed an iron will to win despite all factors. Habits are formed as a result of your attitude. It is easier to make something a habit but very difficult to break. Habits form a person’s character. To extract diamond also, one needs to mine very deep. The cutting of diamond makes it shinier proving the point that it is habits which polish a person’s character. Character forms the way you respond to situations. Had it not been their extraordinary attitude, Lincoln and Gandhi could not have taken on mighty powers in order to stand by their own beliefs.

It is a person’s mental attitude that makes him work hard and excel in life. Not everyone has the ability to work efficiently and this stops them from achieving excellence. After all, habits are defined by a determined attitude.

How is it that a person with hardly any amenities and many hardships makes it far in life whereas one with everything becomes just a mediocre individual over time?
The world is replete with examples of such people. May it be the daughter of an auto rickshaw person who topped a medical entrance exam in India or many students from underprivileged homes who make it big despite the scarce resources are in fact motivational examples for others. Attitude defines the “personality” of an individual. It has been scientifically proven that smiling and laughing does have an extremely positive impact on a person’s life. On the other hand, the mindset is formed by repeated habits that we perform.

Good habits imbibed over time make a person have constructive mindset. Such people also become visionaries while people who do not inculcate good habits can have destructive mindset which can be harmful to the society.

Right attitude is formed through ethical values and positive approach to life. According to a survey by a foreign university, good attitude is responsible for 85% of a person’s success. Attitude can only be learnt through an environment, family values and the right perspective to resolve problems. It is attitude that differentiates an optimist from a pessimist. While an optimist looks at hope in even trying circumstances, a pessimist or a person with an incorrect attitude would view most situations with negativity. This is because the optimist has the right attitude which has over time led to developing good habits.

The world has become a tougher place to stay despite better amenities and more access to technology because of the bad attitude of people. It is the bad attitude that has disturbed the peace in the country as well as the world. It is great to have all the knowledge in the world and flaunt it for getting appreciation but the factual knowledge is of little significance if the person is not humble enough to correct himself. There are many people in this world who possess extraordinary talent yet they lag behind those who just possessed the right attitude with the ability to work hard to achieve their goals.


Everything is interlinked closely in this world. It is this fact that applies to good attitude making good habits over long term. These good habits define the character of a person which makes him go far in life. Nothing comes easy in life and difficult things can only be achieved only if a person has the right attitude and has the desired character to be successful in life despite many odds that come in the way.
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  • RE: Attitude makes habit, habit makes character and character makes a man... -Billy Josiah Phiri (05/22/19)
  • This is very ethical and much vital information and is found to be profitable. To all new ?? people and projected for personal responsibility notice.
  • RE: Attitude makes habit, habit makes character and character makes a man... -Hemant Sharma (08/06/14)
  • Have you ever given it a thought that why out of billions of people only a few are capable of making impressions all over the world? Why do they become famous? Why do they succeed in their lives and others not? They are also manufactured by the same society but only a few of them are able to make their way in the midst of the negativity while others get trapped in its vicious circle. The important factor which plays a candid role in making “personality” of any individual is his/her Attitude. Attitude determines the extent of his growth in the future. Any individual can alter their lives by changing their attitudes of mind.
    Habits are nothing but a product of our attitude towards various things. If we approach the things positively, we absorb positive habits which in turn makes up our benevolent Character. And the greatness of a person is directly dependent on their character. ‘Character’ is the most important asset which is a potent force in deciding the status of any individual. Good character will always call for praise and applause while bad character would always be isolated. It’s aptly said, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; if character is lost, everything is lost.
    In simple words, we can say that it is the positive attitude of a person which can fill him with good habits, and their good habits can make him great. It is very difficult to succeed in life if you have a factual knowledge but don’t have a solid foundation required for good character. Character is the biggest part of man’s success which can be gained in Toto without any currency.