Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents!

Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents!

Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents!

The Supreme Court has called for a complete ban on sale of liquor along national and state highways. It has given a deadline of April 1 to all liquor shops located at a distance of 500 meters from the edge of the highway to close down. Even if the highway passes through a municipal area or a town, the alcohol shops will be closed down within the aforementioned range from highways.

Around 1.5 lakh people are killed every year in road accidents and the reason for most of these accidents is drunk driving. The move is definitely a positive one but is it enough to lessen or prevent accidents that happen every day in one or the other highway?


1. Big vehicle drivers: Bigger lorry and trucks cause the most of highway accidents. The drivers of these vehicles are poor people, usually with lesser concern for safety issues that arise out of drunk driving. A report suggests that almost all truck and bus drivers drink and drive. Government has been trying to keep a check on issuing license to these drivers but to no effect. Ensuring that there is no availability of liquor shops on the highway could be a great measure to help them quit.

2. Distraction to those trying to quit: Recovering alcoholics are the worst. Even if these drivers try to curb the desire to drunk so as to avoid getting caught at check points and losing their license and jobs, the availability of liquor shops along the highway and their advertisement banners entice them back into the trap of death. These are tired people who do not have much expectation from life. Some of them are known to drive for days and nights on a single go. They are much easier to fall back into drinking if there is availability of liquor nearby.


1. What about drugs? Both booze and drugs are common among truckers in India. Poor working condition and less stringent check are the reason why they haven’t stopped even after years of protest. They do not get drugs and booze on the highway. If they want it, they can easily have it. Banning liquor shop along the highway wouldn’t make them recover, not until stringent measures are taken along with it.

2. They will still have it: They have people who would arrange for their booze when they want it. They will pay a local boy to get it from the shops after 500 meters from highway. It is not even 1 km that would bother them to make it think as a very long distance before they can fall into the habit that is usually an addiction for them.

3. Where will all the alcohols go? There are huge numbers of liquor shops along the national and state highways because they must be doing good business there. These are the people who have been protesting on the ban. They will find the illegal way to supply alcohol to the drivers. Put a ban on anything and people have natural instincts to have it more than ever.

4. Recklessness: Yes, most of the accidents on highways are a result of drunken driving but is drunker driving a result of liquor shops along the highways? Definitely, no. There are plenty of reasons why there is no reduction on drunken driving. We do not have stringent laws and whatever little we have there is no proper implementation of them.

5. Why not cancel more licenses? Unlike other developed countries there is not much done about cancelling the license of those who drink and drive. They are easily left to go with a small bribery to fill the tummy of the officers in charge. In US, if a driver is caught going to the bar where he might not even have drunk, he is more likely to lose his job. In India, there is no such screening while hiring. Poor people work under poor conditions with very little pay.

6. Bad roads: Highways are not in very good condition in India. There are potholes and less broad space where vehicles try overtaking each other. There aren’t enough speed checkers in most areas. Even if a person is drunk, like most lorry drivers, they are more likely to remain in their limits if they have the fear of losing their license and job but unfortunately that is not the case here.

Road accidents are a much bigger problem in India than it is shown to be. People die. Banning alcohol shops within 500 meters range from highway to lessen accidents is like trying to deal with a mad elephants with a string of thread. It needs bigger moves and more bigger implication procedure.
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  • RE: Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents! -Rahul Kumar (03/23/17)
  • I am agree than ban on sale of liquor on state and highways helps in controlling the highway accident. But this is not major conclusion to get out from such situation. Most of the highway accident are happens due to >Driving the vehicle by taking liquor >High speed driving >Avoidance of rules and regulations by the drivers So if we really wants to make control over this >There must be check points on the highway at certain range. >Driving licence must be provided by the government it self after giving training to the driver . And that license must be valid only for 5 years . >There must be camera on the highway along with street lights that helps in to caught the violence driver.
  • RE: Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents! -surbhi (02/05/17)
  • the decision is taken by supreme court is not right decision.because if people will want to drink then anyhow he will arrange from anywhere, it will be no matter for that person the liquid shop is not edge of the highway.A/q to me ,if they drive a car ,truck,bike etc in intoxication then police should cancel their license and keep into jail ,atleast 2 year, instead of close the shop.If police take bribe from intoxication driver then police should also keep in jail,because most of the police also help these driver.
  • RE: Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents! -Rajendra Singh (01/02/17)
  • If you really feel that banning liquor shops on highways may lessen accidents, I am ready to contradict you with the valid points. No doubt, the main reason of accidents on the highways is high-speed but do you feel it comes only because of liquor or alcohol? According to me there are many other factors as well that force a person to drive a vehicle in a high speed including the influence of the drugs taken by them other then the liquor. If we are banning, liquor sale in the highways why we should not take initiatives to stop the sale of the other drugs. Moreover, if this step has been taken considering the drivers in the mind, is 500 meters really a long distance for them as liquor shops will be available in the distance of 500 meters from highways after this decision. I feel government should take valid steps like verification of the drivers in the check points and alcohol checking in the certain points instead of banning liquor shops in the highways to prevent mishaps.
  • RE: Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents! -Riya Solanki (12/21/16)
  • liquor ban is just a mere step. Drivers will drink &drive until and unless serious measure have not be taken against them . firstly there has to be strict checking gates for the drivers in highway if caught there license has to be cancelled. speed limit barriers has to be installed. further government should make sure that highways are in proper conditions .
  • RE: Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents! -Suresh R (12/16/16)
  • Main reasons for accidents not only due to drunk and driving...the following reasons can be considered.
    Over speed.. especially cars.
    Lack of safety....all the drivers.
    Less RTA checking.... mostly in highways.
    Driver's more working ours.....for lorry.truck and busses.