Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not?

Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not?

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said BBC to not release the Nirbhaya documentary. Still, BBC when ahead and released it. Video links to the documentary are banned in India. The videos shared on YouTube have been removed. The matter here highlights a serious issue. A brutal rape case occurred in India, and a foreigner made a documentary and released it. There are people who think that it is the fact and so why hide away from it while there are some who strongly believe that documentary should not have been released. What is your view? Is banning Nirbhaya documentary justified?


- It will spread a wrong message over masses and young generation. They will try to emulate what ever is expressed by Mukesh Singh in the documentary.A certain section of the society is still not mature enough to properly handle what has been said in the documentary.

- Mukesh Singh, one of the accused involved in rape, still feels he has not done anything wrong. What is the use of showing such a shameless documentary?

- It will present wrong picture of our country where women are considered as nothing but as a product that can be used and thrown.

- It is important to keep internal matters whether it is good or bad within the company. Opening it to world is of no use.

- If the documentary will be shown to entire world, outsiders will try to take advantage of India, whenever they get a chance.

- It can have a negative impact on those people who are outside India for any reason whether it is education, job or simply leisure.

- Any form of channels cannot use convict details for commercial use, especially showing content that hurts the dignity of women.

- Those against the ban say that its a piece of research. There are "N" number of such researches available over the Internet whcich give an insight into the psyche of these criminals. The reason that this documentary is gaining so much of popularity is the controversial remarks made by Mukesh Singh.

- Also, a certain section of the society calls it control over freedom of expression but the freedom of research comes with a certain amount of responsibility. This responsibility also includes judging the maturity of the society. If this documentary was to be used for internal research, there's nothing wrong with it. But, with a certain section of society not being able to handle it, it can not be allowed for public consumption.

Not justified

- India wants to ban documentary because it feels offended, as outsiders tells us that this country and its people have the most sickening patriarchal mind-set and attitude in the world.

- Misogyny, which is so much condemned in today’s world, is not considered a crime in India. Such a culture needs to be exposed in front of the world.

- Male chauvinism is so much deeply rooted in our society that at times people fail to identify it. Until and unless the conventional shackles are not broken, things will not change.

- Documentary highlights whatever Mukesh Singh is said, and so why now the government intends to ban it? If it has to do something, take some substantial steps to stop such humiliating statement of men towards women.

- It is the time people should change their mind. The documentary will force people to have a look within and decide do they resemble rapists who blame women's clothes, character and timing as factors responsible for the rape.


It is important to understand for government as well as people that moe than banning the documentary we need to evolve as a society. The education system needs to be improved It is time for people to find out what is wrong and how can they correct them. Who are these brutal rapists and from where they come? Are they bred in an uncivilized society? They are the people from amongst us. They are from same society, obviously, they are impacted by patriarchal mind-set that thinks women as lesser mortals. Men need to understand the right to consent and right over body just remain with women. No reason can ever be justified for a rape.
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  • RE: Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not? -Vinod Kumar (04/07/15)
  • Yes I do feel it is justified banning the documentary in India. Because we can clearly notice that the accused,Mukesh, is still don't feel any regret of his wrongdoings. Majority of the people argue like the BBC it is better for the society to know insight about the mindset of such persons. But those views should be in such a way that it should help the society. Here I feel, from his statements, it causes more damage than it helps society. There is nobody ready here to turn good or bad after knowing about him. But we shouldn't risk at the cost of causing damage to the society.

    Moreover it is also the governments fault to give access to shoot the documentary. The governement might have think and consult some organistaions before giving such permissions. Now it seems to violates Freedom of Expression. So the goverment should give a lot of thought process to avoid occurance of such events.
  • RE: Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not? -Deepa Kaushik (03/10/15)
  • As a human being, we cannot tolerate such a brutal offense and concealing the same gives equal pain and agony. Banning the Nirbhaya Documentary has hurt not only the Indians, but also every human soul living on this earth. On a larger perspective, we definitely cannot tolerate such a ban, when it comes to exposing the truth to the entire nation.

    When we think over the matter with some calm state of mind; shouldn’t the media have some ethics to be followed in their industry. Bringing out the truth and the reality is one aspect, but, at the same time, the so described facts and true picture should not do any further damage to the existent population. The Nirbhaya documentary is a bitter hard core reality for us Indians. The same documentary can give many new clause to the evil and crooked minds of the devils roaming around the various parts of the country. After the most brutal act and listening to the shameless comments of the accused and their defence lawyers, nobody on this earth will accept them to be of human origin. When the same message is absorbed by many other devils in the society, it will definitely create a huge law and order problem and to the most, the security of women will worsen much further in our Indian society.

    Undoubtedly, the documentary reveals the actual mindset of the Indians and their male chauvinistic mentality. It is a pointless argument that we want to preserve our fake image of being civilised in front of the entire world just by banning this video. We can impose ban within our country, but not for the other parts of the world. And we should be actually fighting to rectify our loopholes rather than showing off our false image. Yes, this documentary reveals what we are, and where we stand. It explains that women still have no place in our society. They are just used as objects to be used and thrown. So, providing this reason for imposing the ban is no way justified.

    Still, if can closely analyse the issue, it is not the fear of spoiling our fake image, but ruining the condition of women in our society further by getting this video out. We cannot say that every man in India has a similar mentality or every home nurtures the male child and leaves behind the females. We are definitely getting civilised in our thoughts. But the part of our society that is still backward in their thinking and mentality, though under the civilised cover or not, would take this documentary in their favour. We do have many females in India who still call the girls fault to get out of house at late hours. Females are definitely their first enemies here in our society.

    Hence, with a heavy heart, in order to preserve and secure our women from many other devils roaming around, we need to impose the ban on this documentary. Pass the message of this documentary to our youngsters in a more positive manner, so that the young brains can stand up and fight for the noble cause of finding a place for women in the society.
  • RE: Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not? -jeevandaniel (03/09/15)
  • Well I would definitely ho will justified statement.... Whatever the our side India(the work is thinking about India) it doesn't matter) this is definitely a serious issues if it is released the youth will be motivated in such the way the accused is speaking... Raped and killing the women.. Next time thing will be like this only... And the accused will say she did a mistake..because se resisted that's why we raped... So I go for banning the video..and killing that bastards
  • RE: Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not? -Kishan (03/09/15)
  • The documentary shows the real mentality of the rapists. BBC documentaries always show the real picture behind the case, be it the Bhopal gas tragedy. Of course the content in the documentary shows the reality and there is no such content that should have been banned for broadcasting. India is a developing country and should learn from such cases. The documentary has been acclaimed worldwide.
  • RE: Banning Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified Or Not? -rahu (03/09/15)
  • ya, the conclusion my friend has given is quite justified,,as
    1. when this documentary news came, govt came in action bec of opposition , pressure ,where it was past 1 year....
    2. definitely it will have bad impact on our country ,if it will be shown....and i think people want result, quick and immediate ,,,as they have down in nagaland.
    3. proper law enforcement is necessary , yes you are accused , your punishment is this,,wthr vip or common man,,,,,,to set an example in the society.
    4.Today rapes are common like game,,,, GOVT CANT EVEN HAVE HARD LAW,,,,,,,to have fear n change the mind set of mob...
    lets hope for good to curb this .........