Big B & PC as Incredible India Ambassadors - A right decision?

Replacing Aamir with Big B & PC as Incredible India Ambassador – A right decision?


Aamir Khan, after being the brand ambassador of “Incredible India” campaign for 10 years, has been replaced by Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. The tourism ministry took the decision, giving no satisfactory reason for this replacement.

Aamir Khan getting replaced from being the face of Incredible India came into talk just after he landed into the infamous “intolerance controversy” that angered everyone. It was already being predicted that he would no longer be the ambassador of the campaign after the controversy and that proved to be true when the tourism ministry made the announcement official.

It is being said that Aamir’s term of contract as the brand ambassador of Incredible India had expired and that’s why the replacement was considered but other sources blame the controversy for this decision. Whatever be the reason, we are left wondering if this is a right decision to make.


1. It is the government’s right: The incredible India campaign is an initiative of the Tourism Ministry to boost tourism in India and to spread social awareness about being courteous towards those visiting our country. It was the tourism ministry that appointed Aamir as the brand ambassador and it is their right to remove or replace him with a better option for any reason. Questioning the reason behind the exercise of one’s right is not something that people should make a controversy of.

2. You don’t get to endorse what you don’t believe in: Aamir’s controversial statement about India being intolerant and his wife’s views on thinking of leaving India for a safer future of their children is one instance that proves that the former brand ambassador does not think very high of India. If he doesn’t believe that India is incredible, or at least he showed that to the nation with his speech, he should not be endorsing the campaign that is intended to attract tourists to see the incredibility of our nation.

3. The contract ended: The government has made its stand clear. It was in a contract worth Rs. 3 crores with an advertising agecy McCann Erickson for the promotion of this huge campaign. Aamir was the face of the brand as long as this contract remained but now that the contract has expired, the government had open option to explore other candidates who would be good for the campaign of tourism promotion.

4. Too much of the same face: People like changes. Seeing the same face for the past 10 years for the campaign was too much for the audience. Every brand follows the replacing trend. That’s how showbiz generates and passes own popularity. There is no qualms when big names of the industry gets replaced with the next new face for international products and campaigns and the same should be maintained for this one too.

5. People hear when Big B speaks: Amitabh Bachchan has promoted many social causes and campaigns that have been successful. His polio campaign was the biggest success of them all. People love him and believe in what he promotes. His huge fan following in India and abroad comes to help when he becomes the brand ambassador for any product or initiative. He has been the brand ambassador for “Gujarat Tourism” which is why tourism ministry chose him for this massive campaign.

6. And we love PC for many reasons: Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World has been making India proud everywhere. On international level, her prior attempt at singing was widely applauded and her recent performance at English Series ‘Quantico’ got her numerous awards including best actress at People’s Choice. She is being loved not just in India but outside India too and that is one big reason why PC would be so much better as the brand ambassador for this tourism campaign.


1. Contradictory statement: Soon after Aamir’s controversial statement landed him and his image of perfectionism in jeopardy, rumors of him being removed from the Incredible India campaign started making rounds. Tourism ministry came into defense and denied making any such decision. Instead they declare that in collaboration with McCann Erickson adverstisement agency, they will be creating more awareness ads. Now they are talking about the expiry of contract with the same agency. Why did the tourism ministry deny the decision at first? Fishy politics it seems!

2. The media mistake: Aamir Khan made a statement expressing his wife’s concern about growing intolerance and what effect that would have on the growth of their children. Media elaborated the matter to such an extent that it casted Aamir as thinking low of India and wanting to leave India. The downgrading took its toll on his image and the tourism ministry was bound to think of a replacement.

3. The gentleman he is: We know Aamir for his perfectionism and moderate nature, just the kind who could talk you into visiting a country if you are planning to step out. His social awareness show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was an amazing initiative that was well appreciated by all.

4. The wrong time: Just when his image was being tainted by media for all wrong reasons, the tourism ministry proved the rumors true by doing just what people were pointing at. It is sad that his image would only deteriorate with this haste decision.

5. The ‘tolerant’ us: We couldn’t take a simple statement of concern and yet we call ourselves tolerant. People started loathing Aamir and expressed hatred on social media soon after. All that we had for him vanished with one statement that too an overhyped one by the media.


It is clear that the tourism ministry had the rights to remove or replace Aamir which it did for whatever reason. Aamir took it sportingly and accepted the decision without any harsh statements. While the tourism industry could not come out clear on its decision, Aamir took it upon him and gave the statement of respecting the decision of the government which is what any good citizen must do.

Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra are excellent celebrities who could help boost tourism with their fan base extending beyond country lines. Too much ado was created out of this simple decision just because Aamir was recently in a controversy.

The intolerance debate doesn’t need to be revived every time someone who said something about it comes into headlines. For intolerance to die, we have to come forth and show the tolerant us by accepting things that might not be very pleasant for us.
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