Book study vs practical knowledge

Book study vs practical knowledge

Many people say that a good job can be earned by studying hard while others believe that to be successful a man should learn at the university of hard knocks.
Which opinion do you agree with? Why?

Hard work is the key to success. This quote is very impressive and good to hear. Does the hard work imply to the hardships of the life, or just limited to the studies is the question in front of us today.

In day-to-day life, we see parents nagging their children to study hard in order to be successful in life. They go ahead with all sorts of practices, from appointing tutors privately, to getting leaves for the kids during their exams; and rare few have gone a step ahead and quit the job to focus on their kids’ studies. In the competitive world, every parent is desperate to see their child reaching the top-most position. But they often forget that every child has its own potential and every child cannot be first.

To all those parents, if they can think wisely, can’t they depict any example of a popular personality who has never studied well throughout his life. Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Newton; going through their life histories, have they been the most studies disciples in the world? The answer is “No”. then maybe we are wrong somewhere in our attitude towards life today. We need to think deeply and analyse the facts rather than participating in the bull race.

A successful individual is the one who lets his brain to function in a unique way; something the others have never thought of. Hard work is definitely the key ingredient to success. But the person should know the area where to work hard. Hard work is fruitful in the field of interest, rather than mugging up the bookish knowledge. Keen observation, brilliant hypothesis, untiring repeated experimentation, knowledgeable interpretation, confident explanation; these are the main attributes in life for giving a fruitful result.

Life is not very difficult to handle, but at the same time, it is not all that easy to be always cheerful. We need to chew the food before swallowing. All the food particles may not be soft, we need to chew the hard and coarse food particles as well to swallow and have a good digestion and assimilation. The same way, we need to handle the hardships ion an intelligent manner. The presence of mind is required to tackle any situation we are stuck in, and this presence of mind doesn’t come from studying hard. For that the mind should be brought up in an efficient manner, open to fresh thoughts and ideas.

The person who faces a tough situation in life is far more confident than the one who has studied that situation. A struggling person definitely finds his way out, and this chapter of his life teaches him a memorable lesson for his lifetime.

No one in this world is born champion. Everyone struggles in his life, some less, some more, in varying degrees, to lead a respectable life. Success comes from determination and not only by luck. A person needs a strong mind to be determined, and the mental strength is gained by the mode various day-to-day challenges.

The whole discussion revolves round the way of being successful in life. It undoubtedly is the hardships and hard knocks in life that provides determination and courage to stand up and fight the situation back. Still, this by no means implies that one does not need to study. Studies definitely play a very important role in our development. A child gains the basic knowledge from his studies only. So, please study well, but don’t limit your brains to the bookish knowledge. Come out, explore that world and win the hidden treasure of fame with fighting back ability and determination.
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