C++/ Java Intreview Questions - Hexaware

1. Write a program of palindrome?

2. What you call a tree in which every node exceeds parent node?

a) Full Tree b) Complete tree d) Binary tree e) B+ tree

3. What does hashing table signifies?

4. How many paths would be formed to make a complete tree from only four nodes?

a) 6 b) 8 c) 10 d) 15 e) None of these

5. What will be an automatic variable will be initialized to by default?

a) Garbage value b) 0 c) -1 d) 1 e) None of the above

6. What are stacks and queues?

7. Explain with an example?

8. What is the full form of ANSI?
a) Australia standard code for information interchange
b) American Standard code for instruction interchange
c) American Standard code for information interchange
d) ASCII standard coding for information
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