Cadence technical test questions paper for placement

Cadence technical test Questions paper for placement

The selection process of Cadence consists of written test. The written test consists of the technical test.

It has been observed that the technical test consists of about 70 questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. The students can expect questions based on networks, OS, C, C++ and RDBMS.

Here are a few questions asked in the technical test of Cadence:

1. m is passed by reference, n passed by value.

m = 3, n = 2;
foo(m, n)
var integer m,n;
m = m + 2;
n = n + 3;
m = 5;
n = 5;
foo(m, n);
print (m, n);

What will be the output of the above pseudo code?

2. How many flip flops are required for modulo 19 counter?

3. What will be the number of nodes in Binary tree with height 3?

4. What is TCP/IP used in?

5. In assembler how is re-locatable code generated?

6. What is Host IP Address?

7. How many flip flops are required for modulo 33 counter ?

8. int v,u;
while(v != 0)
t = v % u;
v = u;
u = t;

What is the time complexity of the above program?

9. 7 bit ring counter's initial state is 0100010. After how many clock cycles will it return to the initial state?

10. A signed no is stored in 10-bit register, what is the max and min possible value of the number.

11. int y int x
y=5+ x=5-
+ -
+ -
+ -
6*3 6*3
; ;
printf("%d", x); printf("%d",y);
What would be the o/p of the code.

12. A queue four elements a, b,c,d are there ,a=head d=tail. Now following operations are performed

2. Insertion of w and then x
3. Again deletion
4. Insertion of y

what is the format of the queue?

13. Simplify : xy(bar)z+xy(bar)+xyz

14. What will be the output of expression if the configuration of four nand gates forming a XOR gate, replace the last nand gate with a NOR gate.

15. What does operator overloading do in C++?

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