Camera operator CV sample - camera operator CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a camera operator should highlight following qualities:

- Creative
- Patient
- Ability to work under pressure
- Efficient
- Reliable
- Ability to work for longer hours
- Good technical skills to operate a camera
- Knowledge of exposure, focus, colour and lighting

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  • RE: Camera operator CV sample - camera operator CV formats / templates -Ishita kispotta (09/27/12)
  • Camera operator CV sample

    Mobile: +91-98********

    Career Profile

    -Highly professional and experienced of operating all aspects of the camera operations.
    -Expertise in operating special short, commercial features etc.
    -Experience in handling and setup of lighting, set designs etc.
    -Experience of operating film cameras, recording and working with HD cameras.
    -Expert in visual art and hand-eye coordination.
    -Working experience on lighting techniques in photography.

    Key Skills

    -Well verse with visual composition and perspective.
    -Excellent ability of combining creativity with technical skills.
    -Expert in Lens management.
    -Creative and well verse with using camera in various ways.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent verbal and written skills.
    -Excellent negotiating abilities.
    -Pleasant personality.
    -Creative and caring specially working with crew and artists.
    -Efficiency of managing multiple tasks.

    Professional Experience

    Company Name- Place
    Camera Operator
    June 20**-Till Date

    -Record scenes for TV broadcasts and advertising.
    -Use various kinds of camera mounts like stationary, crane mounted, track mounted etc.
    -Analyse and suggest locations.
    -Find out the problems and filming requirements according to the location.
    -Compose each shot and apply technical features of light, filters, camera settings etc.
    -Responsibility of testing, maintaining and cleaning the equipment’s.
    -Ensure all cameras are working properly.

    Company Name- Place
    Assistant Camera Operator
    June 20**-Dec 20**

    -Assist cinematographers and directors for deciding shooting angles.
    -Responsible for applying different shooting techniques.
    -Upload video shoots for post-production processing.
    -Submit video shoots to film editor.
    -Ensure the camera and its peripherals are working properly.
    -Ensure the availability of film stock and other digital storage media are available at the shooting locations.


    -Won in Best Camera Operator in 20** by XYZ Awards.
    -Recognized for excellent camera operating XYZ film.

    Academic Qualification

    -Training and apprenticeship for industrial grade cameras and HD 4k digital cameras.
    -B.Sc. (Computer Technology) from “XYZ” in 20**.
    -HSC from “XYZ” in 20**.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 18 Feb 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi, Marathi and English.
    Address: XYZ.
  • RE: Camera operator CV sample - camera operator CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/17/12)
  • Camera operator CV sample

    Raju XXXXX
    Mobile: +91-99533*****
    Email: Raju***

    Career Summary

    -Experienced Camera Operator with 10 year of Media Experience
    -Profound in determining the a wide range of visual effects through a camera operation
    -Supervised brand managemnet shoot as a chief camera operator

    Skill Sets

    -Profound knowledge of visual composition, movement and perspective
    -Profound knowledge of creativity with technical skills
    -Excellent communication and writing skills
    -Sensitive when working with crew and artists

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive and Team Leader
    -Enthusiastic and innovative
    -Proficient speaker of Hindi, English
    -Self Starter Personality

    Duties & Responsibilities

    -Supervised Junior Camera Staff in recording scenes for television broadcasts and advertising.
    -Responsible for solving problems and determine filming and lightning requirements.
    -Responsible for clean the equipment for accaurate efficiency
    -Monitored the positions of inventory such as cameras, printers and other equipments in order change exposure, focus and lightning.


    -Won 1st prize in Theatre Concert of XYZ


    -RTG Media Services, CVB City (2009-Present)


    -HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
    -SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
    -Bachelor (Photography) (FGH University) 88%
    -MBA (Media Management) 66%

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address: QWERTY