Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty?

Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty?


A Parliamentary Standing Committee comprising of cross party law makers had cleared the pending legislation to ban child labour. However, the bill has been sent back to the labour ministry for further review, stating that child labour cannot be completely prohibited due to poverty. There are many experts who believe that child labour is necessary in India. Here, let us analyse the topic from a new perspective and discuss ‘Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty?’


• Ban on Child Labour can pave way for education and it is really what can empower children with the skills required to support themselves and their family in the future,

• Child labour can have adverse impact on the health of the future. They can suffer from long-term health problems which again will only amount to more severe problems in an economy.

• It is not sustainable for nations to depend on child labour. An educated and healthy work force is required to achieve long-term productivity.

• It is essential that adults are paid fair wages so that they do not need to send their kids to work at the expense of their personal development and education. And it can be made possible only when the adults are educated.

• Kids are the cheapest form of labour and also are not aware of the rights. Pushing them to work ultimately hampers economy.

• As per a report released by International Labour organization, every $1 spent on the elimination of child labour would yield $7 in the next two decades.


• If kids are not working, then they and their families would be living in greater poverty. Banning child labour cannot eradicate poverty but will only increase it.

• A working child can sometimes serve as a source of income for entire family. It may help other members of the family to get education and proper health.

• Banning child labor can force kids to live in more dismal and harmful conditions, and can open them to more exploitation.

• There are many instances where survival would be in threat, if the child labor is banned. It in no case is definition of poverty eradication.

• The report released by International Labour Organization talks about future returns. But what about today? Who will support poor kids and their families?


It is truly said, poverty and child labour have a chicken-and-egg relationship. The kids born in a disadvantaged position have no option but to start working at an early age. They are devoid of education and thus, become economically vulnerable. They are forcefully pushed into mess of child labour and it comes at the cost of their education and health. However, by saying this government and society cannot step back from their responsibilities. The change has to start from day, and if it is not today, it can be never.
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  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -Sachin nayak (03/24/19)
  • We cannot forcefully ban child labour, As some families are dependent on their child to get feed. But some efforts must be made for awareness and attention of childs in education that how it may change their life.
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -Shanthi Maheswari (11/19/18)
  • Yes,Ban on child labour eradicate poverty.If we ban child labour then there is way to increase education.There are so many reasons for poverty, but one of the main reason is child labour. Education only makes them to be independent and support themselves as well as their family economically. Child labours can earn some thing now,but in future it is not possible to earn in this present situation. So it's one s responsibility to ban child labour it eradicate poverty.
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -Saritha (11/19/18)
  • Ban on child labour cannot ban on poverty but can improve the standards of children now a days so many people are encouraging child labour as it of low cost consuming children are facing many problems so government should take proper measures towards it
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -paramita sarkar (05/12/15)
  • At first of all I ask everyone, who is guilty for child labour ? parents Education? Govement ? proverty ? greedy buisnessman ? Accroding to me parents education is liable of 10%, government is 60% , poverty 20% ,greedy person 10% Is'nt? so only government, can live the future of child and country. Ban on child labour is not solution. showing the way of better income is only solution . So again I tell , Government can remove child labour from society
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -aman sarswat (05/11/15)
  • gud mrng every one
    as we are talking about child labour
    child labour is evil of our society. can't society survive without child labour, it can.
    but they do not raise their voice about it because they got cheapest form of the labour ie child labour
    so i think there should be a ban on child labour
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -pankaj (05/09/15)
  • Child should not be entertain. It devastate the future of that child as well as the country. Every should be responsible for their care and their bright future. Because today that child can earn few but what about future. That child will not indulge him self in the modern word. For that he need better education. And I thik that child labour should be ban. And government need to take strict action against it.
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -PRIYA JOSHI (05/08/15)
  • Good morning everyone

    It is a very crucial topic to talk about. I think that Ban on child Labour will not eradicate Poverty rapidly but yeas its true that it will definitely going to eradicate poverty in long run. Government needs to ban Child Labour as soon as possible because if it's not now then it will be never. Government need to make it compulsory to send each and every poor child to send them to school because today's youth population is our future. If today we give proper education to them, in future they will produce an educated work force which will add up to our country's standard and economy.

    Along with this government need to leave their selfish attitude for which they are taking the help of corruption to add up money to their pockets and need to invest that money to revise wages of poor workers to improve their financial status, to increase their livelihood standards, to increase employebility So that they can send their kids to school instead of sending them to work for more earnings.
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -rishabh (05/08/15)
  • No any child wants to work but they are compelled to do labour for their family, so that they can survive in the world.
    In india,the lower class families strugle every day to get money so that,they can eat food.
    Parents send their children for work to earn some more money for better life .
    Our government should ban on child labour but along this govt. also provide the better source of income for families which are under debt of poverty.
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -vivek tiwari (05/07/15)
  • first of all we should focuss on the fact that child labour was not started with a good intension.Many lords took it as a opprtunity as they got cheapest form of labour.Kids dont know their rights.They are always cheated with a low wage.Also solution is not only banning child labour because child labour is not the choice its mandatory for life.government should provide better facilities to the needy children for their health and education
  • RE: Can Ban On Child Labour Eradicate Poverty? -rohit (05/05/15)
  • I think child labour should be ban at the lower poverty region .