Can India become the human resource capital of the world?

Can India become the human resource capital of the world?


The real resources of our country are its people. They are our human capital. India is bestowed with many natural resources, but to make efficient utilisation of these resources, it requires a proper planning which is possible only when its people work in a planned way.
While India being the second most populous country in the world, its human resource is its greatest resource. With a young population available to work, does India have the potential to become the capital of the world in this domain?

Yes, young population is our advantage!

• Taking into account the youth population, i.e. the people between age group of 18 to 30, India leads the world, so we can definitely become the Human Resource capital of the world.

• The Schemes that the central government has implemented in recent days are very innovative for youth to take up self employment as it provides training in various sectors.

• Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched number of schemes to provide training to about 40 crore people in various sectors by 2022. Mr. Modi announced these schemes to fight poverty and to make India Human Resource Capital of the World. Various initiatives related to skill development, boosting education, supporting new entrepreneurs, improving exports and handicrafts are a great way of ensuring that the human resources in the country are used effectively for its development.

• The central government has planned to open new IITs, IIMs and other higher level institutions so that they can provide quality education which will improve the standards of education and in a long run increase the standard of living.

• The Finance Minister of India during the Parliamentary Budget session of 2015 announced, China being the manufacturing capital of the world is running out of the youth who can work, so it is the right time to make a good use of our current position.

No, uneducated and unskilled masses can't take us there!

• Even though India has huge youth population, unless and until they are provided with proper education and health, they are a liability to the country. So it can’t be said that just by having young population India can become the Human Resource capital of the world.

• The Schemes of the government are still at the root level. They have to be implemented properly, but in most of the cases it never happens. Therefore it will be a double burden to the country because even after spending crores the results are not going to be satisfactory

• The quality of education at the lower level especially in rural areas is still very bad. There are hundreds of villages in India without proper primary schools and teachers. So just opening IITs, IIMs won’t suffice until the education at grass root level is strengthened.

• Just improving the employment rate cannot make India HR capital of the world but it has to look into questions like whether the people are willing to work or the people who have the ability to work are getting proper jobs and remunerations. This is the most important duty of the government, unless and until this is achieved India can never be the R capital of the world.

• There are many vices like drug addiction, liquor consumption, crimes against women to be fought to ensure that the society as a whole gets an opportunity to grow. A healthy, skilled and hardworking society is key to become the HR capital.


Considering the pace of development in the field of Human resource development and in the form of initiatives like skill India, National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, India does have the potential to become the Human Resource capital of the world. Policies would play their role but at the same time it is important for the people of the country to take the initiative and work actively.
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  • RE: Can India become the human resource capital of the world? -ANO (07/25/15)
  • my answer is YES.We all know the Gulf countries manpower is India.Our youths can make this developing nation to developed nation.Many other countries accepted that the brainpower of indians are much better than anyother people in the world.They know were to apply those techniques at correct time.If our country becomes an hr capital,it provide tremendous job oppurtunities for youth in coming years.
  • RE: Can India become the human resource capital of the world? -Deepa Kaushik (07/21/15)
  • Human Resource capital is a nice term to hear, but the journey on these roads is not all that easy. India is still a developing nation, and its huge population is a big hit for it to get the status of a developed nation. We have a long list of concerns and a major portion of this arising from our population index.

    If we are smiling today to have a major part of the pie among the 18-30 years group from our country, we need to foresee that this group would soon become the retired sect which would become the liability. If we look to gain from this working youth age group, we need to conserve the resourse to overcome and bear the load of this population in its older age as well.

    It is not an impossible mission to be the HR capital of the world. but, we need a good amount to be invested on this population to get a desired outcome. And more importantly, the allocated fund should be utilised in a judicious and planned way without the mid-monkeys eating up the money displaying their corrupt image.

    Modi had planned a long term till 2022. We need to workout for the initiation spark first to give it a good upstart. We have good brains to plan and work hard to achieve the desired result. All we need is honesty towards our mission and approach and dedication towards our work while displaying our potential. we are just few steps left to achieve our goal, being positive in our attitude, we can definitely be the HR capital of the world.