Can India export skilled labour force to the world?

Can India export skilled labour force to the world?

Highlighting the importance of labours for the successful realization of “Make in India” campaign PM Modi launched the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Shramev Jayate Karyakaram. On the occasion he said that India can export skilled labours to the whole world. But, does India really have the capacity to become an exporter of skilled labour force. Let’s see:


-India has a huge demographic dividend, and this dividend provides fertile ground for a large skilled labour force.

-Youth in the country is getting better education opportunity and can be easily trained to inculcate the required skills.

-Already Indians have shown their capabilities at global level in the sectors like Information Technology. If labour force is provided with the enough opportunities, nothing can stop them to work throughout the world.

-Birth rate in most of the developed countries is either stagnated or decreasing. So, in future this will create a huge demand for the labour force and India can easily fulfill this demand.


-Though we have a large labour force but mostly it is unskilled and lacks the competency required at global level.

-Successive governments have launched innumerable schemes for skill enhancement of the labour force, but such efforts hardly yield the expected results.

-The labour force along with skills lacks communication skills in global languages like English without which it’s very difficult to work in foreign countries.

-Biggest problem is the unorganized nature of the labour force. Until organized, it is very difficult to impart skills to this force for global exposure.


The thought of PM to turn India into a global exporter of labour is indeed visionary and has the capability to transform the face of Indian Labour sector. But actual implementation of this thought is not possible until the aforesaid hurdles are removed. In this regard, the newly launched scheme will set the stage for the speedy removal of these hurdles and will give workers a greater say in formulation of future policies.
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  • RE: Can India export skilled labour force to the world? -mahadev singh negi (10/24/14)
  • Why not
    Average age of India is only 26 year ; we have the largest labour force in world after 2050. Innovative skills, hardworking nature and hunger to work are the key factors on which basis India can export ..

  • RE: Can India export skilled labour force to the world? -Deepa Kaushik (10/23/14)
  • This topic is tricky to be discussed. It depends on our priority. What is India in need for? Is that the financial aid or brain and power? With Modi influence all around, we have been hearing the craving for position for our country into the top list in the world. If that us what we actually urge for, then this discussion for exporting our skills is an utter wastage.

    We Indians are often in a habit of hue and cry for brain drain. If we really do care for brain drain, then why should we think of exporting our brains. Now this has become a proven fact that our brains don't prefer to return back once they get respect and prestige for their talent. Neither do we respect our talents, nor do we posses immense wealth to offer some lucrative package to attract them back. With such a heavy heart, we don't need to think of exporting more skills and make our competitors grow more strong with our talent.

    If at all we need any financial help, that would be to get back our skilled labours and technicians by offering them some really good deals. And tgat coukd not be done with further loss of skills for our country. This needs a good thoughtful mind who could analyse the importance of talent for the growth of our country in comparison to the monetary hike that we receive from this brain drain. Precisely, exporting the skilled labours would be an utter foolishness