Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows?

Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows?

A Chinese newspaper ‘Global Times’ has used the matter of Patels' reservation agitation to question PM Narendra’s Modi "so called Gujarat model" of development. The newspaper highlighted that if the Gujarat model was transformative and successful, why India had to witness caste-centric mobilization erupt in Gujarat. If this is the result of economic development, there is no reason for states to follow the same model. It should be noted that PM Modi has sold the image of a vibrant and prosperous Gujarat to become a face of the nation. This problem forces us to think Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows?


- It is with the advancement of the economy, the people are ready to discard the old traditional practices. They are ready to embrace globalization and move forward with the problem.

- As the economy grows, people get jobs, and as job market improves, education and housing sector grows. Education is the back bone of the economy, and it is the reason why social development is closely linked with overall economic development.

- The push to implement the best practices of the business industry to the nonprofit segment has resulted in numerous positive results. It has helped many social entrepreneurs become independent. They don’t chase grants or philanthropic contributions anymore.

- The development plan that either focuses on just social development or merely on economic development is no longer sustainable.

- Social developments will happen when people change their mindset, and they can change their perception when they come into contact with the external world.


- People need economic development, but it should not come at the cost of environment or people. If corruption becomes rampant, no form of economic development can boost social development.

- The recent agitation in Gujarat has proved that economic development cannot lead to social development. Patidars have excelled in every field whether it is business, agriculture or then politics. Still, they are demanding for reservation which is astonishing!

- The recent shutdown has highlighted that the people cannot rely on politicians to solve many pressing social problems. These political leaders are too preoccupied in fighting with each other.

- Elected officials just feel it important to cater to special interests. They don’t dare to go beyond that limit as they fear of losing their vote bank. The economy will prosper but they will never try to change the conventional practices of society.

- In recent centuries, the human kind has made considerable developments overcoming many obstacles of nature. Even the people who are rich and prosperous are traditionally backward and stick to conventional principles like caste system and no education for girls.


The recent problem in Gujarat has showed that economic development cannot eradicate the social problems. There is a need of stronger measures to bring in a real change in society. India still suffers from many problems like population, caste system, pollution, child marriage, dowry, corruption and others. The problem can be stated in one statement, if bringing water to the millions people who don't have access to pure, clean water or selling mosquito nets to people suffering from the curse of malaria were money-making schemes, private firms would be completing these things!
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  • RE: Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows? -anurag (09/11/15)
  • as per my thinking economy growth is directly related to eradication of social problems.An economically efficient state will have sufficient money power to overcome the blind spots prevailing in society backwardness.Going with the case of Gujarat the demand of reservations for Patels is not not bcoz Gujarat is an economically developed state.It is due to loopholes in our constitution and the insane follower of totally gone mad leader.
  • RE: Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows? -Deepa Kaushik (09/07/15)
  • Economic growth and social problems are two different things. they can intervene in each others' process, but we cannot call oneof them to resolve the other. Social problems are the evils in our society which is the main hindrance in the economic growth.

    On the first instance, the social problems devoid the human race to work unitedly. It hinders the unity and integrety of the nation and restricts them to march unitedlyon the path of economic growth of the nation. The social problems get erupted in various forms in our society as we have a diverse culture.

    On the other hand, the economic growth of the nation which occurs despite these social evils helps in the aid of the society. The development heals the remnants of the social problem and heals the injured disabled sects of the society who got impacted from the social problems.

    Now, it depends on the depth of aftermath of the social problems vs the positive effects and reflection of the economic growth; which could supervene the other and over-shadow its outcome. The one which has the impact of greater degree takes the power and authority. Hence, it would be incorrect to seek the resolutionof the social problems through economic growth just on the ground of mere assumptions.
  • RE: Can Social Problems Be Solved If The Economy Grows? -Alka Sinha (09/05/15)
  • Social problems can not be totally solved by the economy grows
    But it may reduce by the economic grows. This type of problem is very large and one single thing can't solve this accept reduce.