Can terrorism be justified?

Can terrorism be justified?

Terrorism has turned into major issues for many nations across the world. There are many ethnic, religious and political groups that have chosen the way of violence to achieve their goals. Whether it is about the war of acquiring equal citizenship or establishment of a ideological and religious state, the results have been disastrous. There are some rare cases where former terrorists decided to leave the destructive way to opt for peaceful politics. The best example is of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. There is a certain group that feels the application of terrorist measures as completely justified. Do you agree to them?


- The terrorist acts become the need of time when democratic and peaceful measures are exhausted.

- There are many cases when terrorist measures have succeeded in forcing governments to have talk with them and allow concessions to them. It is considered as a way to get relief from repression and suffering.

- Terrorism tends to highlight a neglected cause, which otherwise have been ignored by the government, world and media.

- The definition of terrorism is relative and changes according to people’s perception. Under a broad definition, even the armed forced and the related nations can be accused of terrorism.

- The measures are termed as right or wrong according to their outcomes, and in case the result of an act of terror is welfare, justice and freedom the action is legitimate.


- Even in instances of deprivation and suppression, the acts of terrorism cannot be justified. These actions tend to harm groups outside the law. The biggest loss is of innocent civilians.

- Acts of terror do not help to reach a mutual understanding, but results in alienation of terrorists from the international community.

- Terrorism results in an unending situation of anxiety and poverty within the community. It has several adverse consequences like negative impact on daily lives of civilians, and other.

- International firms tend to avoid setting their businesses in nations that are frequent target of terrorist attacks.

- States formed in concession after terror acts are often corrupt and ruled by men of violence. Nothing is accomplished to enhance the lives of the group in whose name acts of terror were implemented.


No act can be justified that results in destruction and harms innocent civilians. It is a major issue that calls for focus on our beliefs, ideals and human life itself. Almost all the people inclined to committing terrorism acts follow the illegitimate way of violence. Instead of doing all this, these people should opt for non-violent ways to get justice. This way they can convey a clear message to the external world that they are sufferers, and not the perpetrators. The best example is of Mahatma Gandhi who succeeded in getting the attention of entire world due to his peaceful form of protest.
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  • RE: Can terrorism be justified? -Debasmita (08/27/15)
  • The groups resort to terror because the government shuts its ears to their cause. Ironically the terror attacks target the innocent unarmed civilians. How can this be justified? The act of waking up the government from its slumber through bombings and killings of civilians can never be justified. Any neglected cause should be made heard through harmonius ways. We have famous examples like NElson Mandela and Gandhiji who made the country and the government listen to them through their peace protest.
  • RE: Can terrorism be justified? -GAURAV MAHESHWARI (08/27/15)
  • yes terrorism can be justified in cases when their is no way left to make your voice heard if against the wrong thing that is done to you .for example if we go in past and look at the rise of Taliban then we see the major reason for their rise was of illegal military occupation of Afghanistan by USSR. one of the main reason for rise of ISIS was the discrimation done to Sunni musliums in Iraq and Syria. the hotui rebels in yemen is because of the discrimination that is been done to shia in that country. so by looking at such cases we findout that if the world had not done such wrong thing or discrimination then their would be no rise of such terrorist groups. so terrorism can be justified to a great extend in the absence of transparency and justice
  • RE: Can terrorism be justified? -nahida (08/26/15)
  • Whatever the cuse is,,,,
    terrorism only violats the civil and human rights. It very dishonest to find it justified over the cost of millions od innocent lives.
    The justifications of terrorism gas only one citation that they want the government to hear their rights. vt isnt it trivial , and in fact, aggressive to demolish the civic just to get the ears of government? also should the demand- eight or wrong, be fulfilled for the sake of terrorism?
    the answer is "no"..... it is not the solution. every terrorist war, riot etc. are a form of violence, that demise the human and humanity. and i dont think that terrorist' whim is only to get any justice. most of the times, terrorism has been revealed as an unnecessary and merciless killing of people, embarass them, and terrorize them. terrorism is the evil of the 21st century . and honestly, we have to tackle our all strength to eradicate the terrorism
  • RE: Can terrorism be justified? -Deepa Kaushik (08/26/15)
  • Terrorism itself contains terror equation that hurts and traumatizes the civilians physically and emotionally throughout the life. The conditions that affects the millions in a negative way cannot be justified. There need to be some positivity to justify the proceedings. Terrorism is attacking innocent people, that can never have a acceptable reason accompanying.

    Terrorism might start with a reason, which had been neglected and left unheard for years. This reason might initiate the spark of violence afters years of patience and silence over the matter. Yet, these terror activities are never fought face-to-face. If the demand has to be fulfilled by the Government, ideallyit should be the Government ontarget and not the innocent civilians. But none of the terror activities get plotted against the Parliament of any country, instead the citizens of that country who get trapped unknowingly with these terror groups get slaughtered for no mistake of their own.

    Fighting the neglected cause should be carried out in a harmonious way. It should not carry the entity of violence. Raising the voice and asking for justice is acceptable, but it should not hurt anyone in any way. demanding justice can be forming unions and rallies and raising the voice, but the same should be carried out making sure not to disturb the lives of the common man. If we say Government has become dumb, it is partly because the Government has become habitual of listening to violent agitations. They overlook the peaceful protests as they don't create pressure on them in any way.

    We should gradually transform this situation and drag the would towards non-violence. The era did exist with non-violence and can exist even today with mutual efforts of the human masses globally. Hence, terrorism cannot be justified in any way.