Career avenues for Video Jockey (VJ)

What are the various career avenues for a Video Jockey?

Video Jockeys are mainly employed by Music channels, producers of music shows and film based programmes. Besides various popular prospective employers like MTV, Channel V, B4U music, MCM Asia, etc. there are many number of channels including regional ones who are in demand of Video Jockey’s. But as one you should know it is not easy to get a break in the field. Aspirants may be employed on a contract basis per show or on a full time basis depending on the requirement of the show.

There will be paper advertisements, calling Video Jockeys or VJ hunts advertised on TV. The selection will be tough, which may include a subjective test, a test on voice modulation or for facing the camera. A candidates screen presence, physique and voice, and ability to stand out in the crowd will go long way in being selected. Once a candidate is selected, there is no such thing as hierarchy in this particular profession. Beginners with talent may get to handle their own shows within the first 6 months. It mainly depends on your ability.

Besides being a lucrative career, one gets to host shows in the country or abroad, meet various celebrities, and be on the glam walk of life. Keeping up the popularity for long is not easy and as such this profession is a short lived one. The rule is make hay while it lasts. But the profession gives you ample scope to diversify to various fields such as Modeling, Theatre (direction/acting), Film (acting), Music videos (directing/acting/choreography), Anchoring, News casting, PR, etc. that generally Video Jockey’s do. The more popular one gets through their work of Video Jockey, the more choices you may have further in your career.
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