Career in Finance Management - options and opportunities

Career in Finance Management - options and opportunities - Introduction, options, opportunities, courses, institutes, exams etc.
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  • Introduction

    Finance Management is the science of money management of a company or organization which helps the company to accomplish its goals effectively and efficiently. Finance is the field which deals with the concepts of time, money and risk. It is mainly about the careful planning of income and expenditure to enable the company survive financially.With the growth in the Indian economy there has been an increase in the job openings in government agencies, private companies and financial organisations such as banks, insurance industry etc. which require more finance professionals. Today even the non-profit organisations are in the need of Finance professionals.

    Performance and growth of industry in India

    In the existing scenario of globalization and recession each and every company is looking for financial experts who can cut off the cost and maximize their profit. With the growing Indian economic system, these professionals are in great demand in the big corporate sectors and also in small firms. Though it is a glamour less profession, a career in financial management is quite rewarding. They are the investment doctors who are responsible to take care of an individual or organisation's financial health, ensuring orderly and systematic achievement of the financial goals. Preparing financial reports, guiding investment activities and overall money management are the major duties of a Financial manager. They help the organization to achieve its enduring goals by developing financial strategies. A good finance manager is a valuable asset to the organization and what makes a good Finance Manager is not the skill to earn money but the capability of dealing with money.

    Options and Opportunities

    Some of the job opportunities in the field of Finance Management are:

    - Finance Controller,
    - Treasurer,
    - Finance Officer,
    - Credit and Cash Manager,
    - Risk Manager,
    - Insurance Manager
    - Chief Financial Officer
    - Director of Finance
    - Finance Experts
    - Financial Consultants.

    Courses Available

    - B.B.A. Banking and Financial Service
    - B.Com. Accounting and Finance
    - MBA in Financial Administration
    - M.Com in Accounting and Finance
    - M.Com in Finance and Control
    - Master of Finance and Control
    - Master of Professional Finance and Banking
    - Master of Financial Services Management
    - Post Graduate diploma in Advance financial planning and wealth management
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance Management (P.G.D.B.F.M)
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance (P.G.D.B.F)
    - Post Graduate diploma in Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Finance (P.G.D.F)
    - Diploma in Banking and Finance
    - Diploma in Business Financing and Stock Market Managing (D.B.F.S.M.M)
    - Diploma in Financial Accounting
    - Diploma in Financial Management (D.F.M)
    - Executive Management of Business Finance (E.M.B.F)
    - Certificate Course in Financial Statistics

    Qualification required

    For Bachelor’s degree a candidate need to have 10+2 in any degree.
    For Master’s degree a candidate needs to have Bachelors degree from any recognized university.

    Some good institutes

    - I.C.F.A.I. University, Gurgaon (Haryana)
    - The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University (I.C.F.A.I.), West Tripura
    - College of Commerce, Alliance University, Bangalore (Karnataka)
    - Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (J.B.I.M.S.), Mumbai (Maharashtra)
    - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    - Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
    - Indian Institute of Management

    Entrance exams

    - MAT
    - CAT
    - SNAP
    - XAT