Career scope in Engineering

Career scope in Engineering.

A career in Engineering is very promising. Different branches offer different platforms to students.

Mechanical has tremendous career options available. Plenty of jobs are available in cement industries, mining industries, automobile industries, steel, power sector, hydraulics, manufacturing, petroleum and aeronautical industries. The job opportunities for mechanical engineers will never run short despite fluctuations in the economic status of the country. Mechanical Engineers can easily get into government sectors such as Air Force, Indian Railways and thermal Power plants etc.

Need for infrastructure, roads, real estate is incessant in both developed and developing economies. Though jobs in civil engineering are prone to fluctuations owing to recession and times of inflation, there is still a boom in the civil industry of the country. A civil engineer can find job both in the public and the private sector. They can get hired into various road projects, flyover projects or in maintenance of existing infrastructure. Alternatively they can also join builders, quality testing industries and real estate companies and can assist them in their projects.

Information Technology and Computer Science:
The most sought after discipline of engineering owing to the vast number of companies present in the domain. Students can go on becoming a programmer, senior programmer, developer, quality analyst, database developer and manager, networking and security engineer and so on. Companies such as Wipro, Infosys, Microsoft, Dell, IBM etc. readily hire freshers with a degree in engineering.

Electrical/Electronics and Communication:
Graduates in these disciplines have ample of opportunities both in private and public sector. They are needed in all manufacturing units. Manufacturing Units along with large Scale industries such as Thermal Power Plants, Steel plants, Power corporations, Natural Gas plants, petroleum industry, Chemical plants and design industries hire electrical and electronics engineers in bulk. They can also join government services such as defence services, Indian Navy and Air force, Space Organization, Railway services or state electricity boards. Research organizations also hire engineers for design, development and instrumentation of complex devices and systems for signal processing and communication. Companies involved in developments of complex devices hire engineers for design and fabrication of design, integrated circuits and embedded systems. They are also hired for maintenance and installation of electronic equipments used in other industries.
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