Clean comedy has become an endangered species!

Clean comedy has become an endangered species!

Slapstick comedy became synonymous with the great Charlie Chaplin. Pure entertainment it was! One wonders what happened to those good old days and that good old fashioned clean comedy. Today there is more of insulting humor that is becoming synonymous with comedy and clean comedy is becoming rare. Comedians are increasingly focusing on offensive comments and banking on them to generate popularity. Or is it that the entire society is becoming indifferent to such jokes? Who shares the major part of the blame for such deterioration in quality of comedy and what exactly has become the definition of comedy in today's society?

Yes –

1. We are moving towards hurtful insults which pass as comedy nowadays. People laugh at others problems and insults. But when the finger points at them, they may not like it.

2. We see many comedians making fun of many people not in a clean way but in an insulting way. Clean comedy is becoming rare nowadays. No wonder we can't produce another Charlie Chaplin!

3. People are finding amusement in troubles and misery of others. This is not decent. One must think what will happen when we are the object of amusement of others.

4. Hurtful insults are becoming a symbol of comedy nowadays which is not a healthy sign.

5. Another area of concern is the so called 'raunchy comedy' that is increasing its presence in the movies as well as family shows on television. This is an unhealthy sign as many enjoy comic shows with their families. Such instances of vulgar comedies can make people uncomfortable. The below the belt comedy is becoming some sort of norm nowadays which also helps in increasing TRP ratings.

6. There is a fine line between satire and insults. Satire aims at constructive social criticism, while insulting comments just want to insult for the sake of entertainment.

7. The most glaring example of this degenerative comedy is the creation of stereotypes. Many feel offended by the established stereotypes.

No –

1. 'As the purpose of comedy is to correct vices of men, I see no reason why anyone should be exempt.' - Moliere. This shows that comments need to be taken as constructive criticism and no one is excluded.

2. We are not endorsing insults as comedy. The comedians provide only those things that audience prefer.

3. The job of a comedian is to make people laugh. What makes them laugh differs. If the comedian does not cater to the need of the audience then he is not considered good at his job. So if audiences prefer hurtful comments, then the entertainment industry delivers the same.

4. It might be argued that the industry must teach what is healthy and what is not. However it is not always possible. Its freedom of people to choose what they want. They need to be given options from which they choose. Blaming the industry for it is wrong.

5. The world today is trying to grasp many subjects which were considered taboo earlier and the just as each art develops, changes and flourishes, comedy too is changing and trying to explore newer topics.

6. Also generally many comedians tell jokes from their personal experiences and observations. If tragic yet funny incidences occur, the comedian feels he must share with the world. So he does not do it just to become famous.

7. Though amount of insults is increasing, the tolerance level of people too is increasing and they are accepting the jokes with a sporting attitude.

8. Today's comic acts are not passing judgements but are just comic acts and need not be taken seriously. It is just meant to entertain people.

The legacy passed on by comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Johnny lever, Mehmood, etc. does not entail insulting people for the sake of fun. Occasional insults are fine but taking it too far is simply not worth it. We must realize that the entertainment industry only gives what is wanted by the people. If people are moving towards such genre of comedy so be it. It is after all the choice of the audience. However, even the comedians must take care that they must not cross limits so as to trample upon grey area as even today many enjoy comedies with their families and in this fast paced world which seems inhuman, there are many who are fragile emotionally and mentally.
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  • RE: Clean comedy has become an endangered species! -Dishant (10/28/15)
  • Clean comedy refers to amusement of people by using sentences/punches in a right language. It should not hurt any community, religious and any individual. In my opinion the clean comedy still exists. As the world is changing everything needs to be change, accordingly.
  • RE: Clean comedy has become an endangered species! -Deepa Kaushik (10/28/15)
  • The industry always escapes by calling 'the audience prefer'. The term preference can be used only when we give the options to choose. When only one thing is being projected linearly, then there isno scope for preference. It is a compulsion to either watch what is being shown or just don't seek any entertainment through television or movie sequence.

    We do have a set of population which avoids watching Indian movies and teleserials and comedy shows just to escape this vulgar, non-sensible, insulting scenes and scripts enacted in the name of comedy. Comedy not onlymeans to make others laugh, but that should also follow the decency and acceptability threshold.

    We have people who avoid watching movies or TV shows with families. Adults find it difficult to reason out with little children seeking an explanation. Teenagers get their minds polluted with such offensive filthy matter, still the culture and moral incorporated from the family righht since the childhood makes them uncomfortable watching those sequence in presence of elders.

    Clean comedy did exist couple of decades ago. There were people liking those sequence. We have people who still remember those clean comedy sequence and enjoy them with a light heart with entire family. It is just that the industry prefers to fill in the filth to the comedy and blames the audience. If at all they want to know the preference of the audience, give the equal release of clean and vulgar comedy within the given span and then look to the viewership ratings.

    Clean comedy has been forcibly eradicated and made endangered. It could be very much revived provided the entertainment industry puts any efforts in the direction.