Cloning - Is it a wrong practice?

Cloning – Is it a wrong practice?

With so much advancement in medical science, cloning, particularly reproductive cloning is gradually but certainly looking like it could be a reality in the near future. The experts believe that it can be used in various ways to benefit mankind. However, there is a group which believe that it is against natural laws and whenever such procedures are used, it results in disaster. What is your view on the matter? Is There Anything Wrong With Cloning?


• Reproductive cloning would send a wrong message that children can be replicated and designed as per parents’ preferences.

• There would be lack of uniqueness and diversity that is must to improve survivability in the future. It is quite important when unpredictable things come along.

• Cloning doesn’t support the natural procedure of reproduction as it is done by human. It can create problems in society which can be social or criminal.

• Cloning would result in malpractices. There would be higher chances where people can deliberately reproduce undesired traits creating problems for the society.

• Cloning can pose threat to security of people and society as cells can be collected from any place to create clones.


• It is of great help for parents who have no sperm and eggs to create children. With the help of reproductive cloning they can get the kids which are genetically related.

• The world is changing and with the society is accepting the same sex relationships. The new way will help sex couples to have children.

• It can again be used to save the endangered species. It is one of the growing problems in many countries.

• It is ray of hope for the people who cannot adopt children due to some or other reasons. It provides them with an opportunity to have a child.

• Cloning can be used in organ replacements. The severity of diseases is increasing day by day. There is higher need of organ replacement but only few donors are there to help the needy people.


The research shows that the clones can never be completely identical to the original. It is the same case like twins. They might have same appearance but different personalities. Technology has always resulted in some good and bad. The whole idea is to focus on the good part and move forward. After all change is the law of nature.
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  • RE: Cloning – Is it a wrong practice? -Himansu Rath (04/15/15)
  • According to me cloning is a wrong practice.Government also banned this.Their is a Good and bad use of every thing ,consider a knife 'it is used to for cutting vegetables ,cakes & other some foods but people use this also for murder ,threatening to other.Like this if someone make a clone of Mahatma Gandhi , there must be some one who want to clone Daud ibrahim .if one or two daud clone are created think the number of trouble created. so that i think cloning must be banned.
  • RE: Cloning – Is it a wrong practice? -Deepa Kaushik (04/15/15)
  • Law of nature holds the birth, survival of the fittest and perishing away. Any interruption and adjustment with the nature’s natural phenomena has always given fatal results. The one we all are aware of the ‘hole in the ozone layer’. We have grown up with our science and technology, our research field has touched the unreachable heights, yet we are not the creators of universe. We are still unaware of the millions and millions of things in this universe.

    Creating a clone or replica is against the nature force. We are already finding difficult to tackle the existing population. Replicating the species is just going to add to our troubles. With increasing threat of malpractices and fradulant behaviour in the society worldwide, such a research work could actually lead to havoc. We can remember the period when the troops hunted for the true Saddam Hussain. Though he didn’t clone himself, yet that was a nightmare. Cloning can increase more similar threats to the society.

    Cloning is not a wrong practice, but an unrequired practice. The diversity is the uniqueness of nature and hampering that can end up in many severe troubles. Organ transplant is a good example put forth. We can definitely make use of our cloning research in helping people on those medical lines. Yet cloning the complete organism is unacceptable.