CORDYS Aptitude Questions for Placement

CORDYS Aptitude Questions for Placement

Q. 15 men can complete a work in 210 days. For every 10 days, 10 men leave the work. Calculate the number of days in which the work will be completed?

Q. If x=2+ (2^1/3) + (2^2/3) then x^3-6x^2+6x = ------- ?

Q. In an office, the number of men is equal to the number of women working. The number of women working is equal to the number of children coming to office. Calculate the total number of women working in the office?

Q. There are 3 students Raja, Ram and Ravi who scored marks 260, 280 and 320 respectively. These scores are the sum of 3 subjects and each subject has 4 questions. No student answered all the 4 questions correct and each student answered at least one question right and no student answered same number of questions correct in same subject. Calculate

a) the total marks of all the students in 1st subject?
b) Which student has scored more marks in 1st subject?

Q. A father gives a pocket money to his daughter. 1st day he gives 1 rupee and the second day he gives double money that he gave last day, that is, 2 rupees. If her bag fills in 11th day, half of her bag will be filled in how many days?

Q. There are 3 friends A B C. Each one of them has some money. If A gives 15 rupees to B and B gives 2/3rd of his money to C then B and C will have equal money. What is the total money with all the three friends?

Q. There are some students in a college. They are allowed to sit in rows. If they sit 4 students extra in each row, then 2 rows will remain vacant. If 4 students sit less in each row then it requires 4 extra rows. Calculate the total number of students in the college?
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