CORDYS Technical Paper - Placement questions

CORDYS Technical Paper - Placement questions

Q. What is the difference between a class and a structure?

Q. How do you group data objects subject to constraints?

Q. Define polymorphism.

Q. What is inheritance in object oriented programming? What is the purpose of inheritance? Give an example.

Q. What is Normalisation? What are its first form and second form?

Q. What are the different solutions for enforcing Mutual Exclusions?

Q. What are Reentrant Mutexes?

Q. What is Abstraction? How is Control Abstraction different from Data Abstraction?

Q. Mention few differences between Abstraction and Encapsulation.

Q. What is a Linked List? Compare Linked Lists and Dynamic Arrays.

Q. What is a Doubly Linked List?

Q. Compare various types of Sorting Algorithms. Which sorting is the best sorting and has the best efficiency?

Q. C language provides two types of flow control, Branching and Looping. Explain each one of them with examples.

Q. Find if the given syntax is correct or not, and why.

Syntax is : while(i
Q. What is the difference between a For Loop and a While Loop?

Q. Write a C program to reverse a string without using a strrev() function.

Q. What is a Palindrome number? Write an algorithm and a program in C language for a palindrome number.

Q. What are Pointers? How are the pointers used in control tables?

Q. Can we write break in

Q. Give live example to explain the features of OOPS.

Q. Write a program to find the angle between the two hands of a clock.

Q. What are the types of Joins below

a) self join
b) Inner join
c) Outer joins
d) all of the above

Q. What is the difference a structure and union? Give the syntax of Union in C language.

Q. Explain with suitable practical example what is circularly doubly linked list.

Q. What is Demand Memory Management?

Q. What are the advantages of Demand Paging in Virtual Memory Management?

Q. What do you understand by a Deadlock? Explain with a real time example of deadlock.

Q. What are the criteria important for an effective and efficient output of a network?

Q. What is the meaning of Unicasting, Multicasting and Broadcasting?

Q. State the difference between a hub and a switch.

Q. What is a Port Address?

Q. What is Data warehousing and Data Mining?

Q. What is Transaction Protocol?

Q. What is the function of an Operating System in case of Deadlock?

Q. Give an efficient search method for a list of numbers in an unsorted list of numbers.

Q. What are the systems supporting preemptive multitasking?

Q. What is TCP IP protocol?

Q. Design software for a vendor at a super market. If you give more amount for a bill, the vendor returns the change. The vendor gives change in efficient manner, say for example if Rs 250 were to be returned, he gives 2 notes of 100 Rs and 1note of 50 rupees. The program output should be such that an efficient number of denominations should be displayed. You have to take all the cases of available denominations and number of their availability. The program also should have an idea of asking 5 Rs from the customer, if available (for example, if amount to be given back is Rs 165 and if no denominations satisfy it, so that if customer gives 5rs you can return a 20 Rs note).
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