Could Russian hacking be involved in precedential election 2016?

Could Russian hacking be involved in precedential election 2016?

Could Russian hacking be involved in precedential election 2016?

CIA has been making claims that the Russians helped Trump win the precedential election 2016 and that there was definite involvement and hacking from their side to ensure that the balls went into the right court. While the Top Senate Republican joined the voices and called for a bipartisan probe into the matter, Donald Trump rejected the allegation of any sort of involvement with Russia in the elections.

Trump was really quick to dismiss the idea which is leading to further doubts, even though his own party leaders are skeptical and want to go with the intelligence agency reports to look carefully into the matter. This leaves US and the world in a troubled state where people are unable to decide which side of the coin has more chances of landing on the face.


1. Earlier reports: In October, the US government had openly declared that it was confident that the Russians orchestrated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations of the Democratic Party. The hacking had resulted in public leakage of stolen emails and materials that had damaging revelations about the party and former State Secretary Hillary Clinton.

2. Evident: The Russian hackers were definitely bent on damaging Clinton’s chance of winning the elections. The fact that they had earlier concentrated all their efforts on releasing damaging information on Clinton and the Democratic Party makes it not so hard to guess that if they could, they would have definitely interfered with the elections to make sure that Trump wins and not Clinton.

3. CIA findings: The top intelligence agency of US wouldn’t be making claims without proper evidences and facts. It's latest and complete analysis of the hacking concludes that Russian hackers breached GOP individuals and organizations including Republican House members just before the elections. The entities connected to the Russian government were bankrolling ‘troll farms’ that were responsible for spreading rumors about Clinton.

4. Denying: Even though there are digital footprints of people related to the Russian Government who have been on intelligence agencies radar before, Republican National Committee denied that their system was breached in any way. Donald Trump’s direct denial and no support towards further probe into the matter are furthermore skeptical.

5. No one thought Trump could win: The predictions were against him. His racial and sexist comments garnered more haters than supporters. Even if his polarization on the basis on various things would have eventually got him some supporters to help ‘build the wall’, it still came as a shock to millions when the votes went in his favor effortlessly.


1. Trump won, live with it: Yes, he garnered haters all around the globe with his famous venom spilling speeches but the man had supporters too. Call it polarization of votes or whatever, his publicity stunts got him where he is. It is difficult for many to still register than someone like him could be elected by a majority. But that is not going to change facts, nor is hacking allegations going to prove anything other than wasting time.

2. It is not known who did it: So someone hacked through the system a few months back and leaked information and rumors regarding Trump’s former competitor. Does that make it evident that they deliberately wanted Trump to win? It is also not known whether the hackers were actually Russians or Chinese or anyone else.

3. No real evidence: The CIA hasn’t released any real evidence against the hackers and if experts are to be believed, for security reasons it is not going to be possible for CIA to do so. Without any real evidence, it is going to be unfair to make allegations that Trump won because of Russian hackers, who for all we know could be plotting for his removal in this manner.

There is going to be deep probe into the matter as requested and ordered by many and the final reports will determine whether or not the Russian hackers helped Trump win the Precedential elections 2016.
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