Couldn’t get a campus placement?

Couldn’t get a campus placement?

Couldn’t get a campus placement?

These 7 things will help you.

Getting placed after graduation right off the campus is every student’s dream come true but, alas, for many this remains just a dream. Reality hits when you see that you need to gear up for off campus drives to get yourself a job that will go with your degree and interests. There are other things that might lead you to look for off campus drives like not enough companies visiting your campus, not a good package, or a suitable job according to your profile. Since you are fresher out of college, things are not going to be easier but the sooner you start the better it will get.

Here are some tips that will see to it that you get through the off campus procedure all geared and set to face the consequences in the best possible manner:

1. Career consulting

You might think that they are there to just advertise but that is not true. They can actually be of help as they have their sources dug well into the core of companies that hire freshers. Even the biggest of companies are now beginning to rely on consultancy firms to help them recruit. Find the ones that are truly working, connect with them and attend their workshops and drives that they conduct throughout the cities.

2. Keep looking

Do not be disheartened to see that companies are either recruiting through campus or asking for experience. Keep your eyes open and your arms out. Be open to opportunities. There are not going to be many but the ones that come are the ones that should be grabbed. Even small companies and start-ups are good enough opportunities for a fresher. You will get to learn more and enhance your skills. The experience you will get is an icing on the top, something that you desperately need.

3. Take help

Alumnus from your college, that uncle who works in the industry, that cousin who has a start-up – get into touch with them all. You never know who could bring you help. They can help you by introducing to someone who is in the kind of company you want to be in. Do not shy away. They have all been there and know the dilemma. Moreover, job scarcity is a real thing that everyone knows about.

4. Work on your resume

The last thing you want to do right now is sit at home and wait for opportunities to come knocking. While you are actively looking for jobs, staying in touch with consultancies, take some time to upgrade your resume. Learn skills and join programs and courses that could help in making your resume better. If you have time, utilize it in the best possible way. Remember that you are going to have to work harder than you do every single day if you are determined to get a job.

5. Take the competition seriously

Know that you are competing against those holding the degree, experience and skills that are either equivalent to yours or sometimes even better than yours. And there are too many of them out there to show you to the end of the line. If you have to get to the front, you need to start preparing. Take competitive tests and exams, the results of which can fetch you job offers. There are tests, cracking which can get you jobs based on the marks you got.

6. Referrals

If you have a list of companies where you intend to apply for jobs, see if you can find referrals. Getting a referral can help a great deal in getting your application noticed by the recruiter. They often prefer to take in employees who happen to know someone who works for them. Try to find out if you happen to know anyone who works there. A distant relative or a friend of friend could come to your ultimate rescue here.

7. Be well prepared

Finding an opportunity the off-campus way is not easy. Make sure you are ready when it comes knocking. Prepare in advance on how to face the interviews, how to answer them the best way and how not to screw it up. Be open to travelling to other cities instead of looking for something closer to home.
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  • RE: Couldn’t get a campus placement? -prabhakaran (11/08/16)
  • Good topic to discuss.
    The high lite is work on resume and know your company
  • RE: Couldn’t get a campus placement? -Partner (09/23/16)
  • It's great feeling to get through a campus placement. Those who couldn't succeed shouldn't feel low. The road for great career is still wide open. One can still get change to board into a boat of high repute. Challenges are there but with continued preparation , you can grab opportunities.
  • RE: Couldn’t get a campus placement? -Gurnam (09/22/16)
  • Campus placement brings cheers to those who find the boat to sail after years of hardship. While many miss the employer bus, whatever may be the reasons? Off campus drive has its own share of challenges. One shouldn’t be disheartened, roads become difficult but it is wide open and with proper planning and preparation, you can still catch up with those who got selected before you.