Criminal investigator CV sample - Criminal investigator CV formats / templates

An effective CV for criminal investigator should highlight following qualities:

1. Energetic
2. Keen observer
3. Detail oriented
4. Analytical thinking
5. Courage
6. Good people skills
7. Ability to remain personally uninvolved

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  • Criminal investigator CV sample

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    To obtain a Criminal Investigator position in a professional environment in which I will progressively utilize my knowledge of criminal psychology to give sound justice to the people.


    -Extensive knowledge of laws & regulations.
    -Effective Communication & leadership skills.
    -Sound knowledge of human behaviour & psychology.
    -In-depth knowledge of the new technology & applications.
    -Good research & analytical ability.

    Educational Qualifications

    -Bachelor of Law from BTM University in 2003-2004.
    -Master's Degree in Criminal Psychology from NYU University in 2000-2001.
    -Diploma in Forensic Science in 1998-1999.
    -Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from NDF University in 1997-1998.
    -HSC from State Board in 1994-1995.
    -SSC from State Board in 1992-1993.

    Work Experience

    Working as a Criminal Investigator in BTY Squad, NUK. (2009-till date)

    -Determining the direction of investigations.
    -Developing relationships with informants & Police in order to obtain information related to cases.
    -Reviewing and analyzing the records to locate links in chains of evidence or information.
    -Collecting and verifying evidence by interviewing and observing suspects and witnesses.
    -Performing undercover assignments.
    -Visiting the crime scene & sites for the search of the evidences & clues.
    -Prepare a detailed investigation report.
    -Coordinate with various departments such as Forensic, Police, Lawyers, etc. to ensure effective investigation.
    -Interrogating the suspects to understand their psychology.

    Worked as an Investigation Officer at NOF Investigation Bureau, JYH. (2006-2009)

    -Documentation of the records of the criminals inclusive of all the details.
    -Recording evidences and documents, using the latest technologies such as cameras and photocopy machines.
    -Comparing the finger-prints at the crime-scene with those of suspects.
    -Coordinating with the Police department to check the track record or background of the suspects.
    -Coordinating with the Forensics department for the investigation of the murders, suicides, etc.
    - Developed and used informants to get leads to information.
    -Maintained surveillance and performed undercover assignments.

    Worked as an Investigation Officer at NJG Bureau of Investigation, NUK. (2004-2006)

    -Examined crime scenes for clues & submitted the evidences to the Forensics lab.
    -Collaborated with other agencies and offices to gather additional information on the cases.
    -Analyzing the previous records of the suspects.
    -Evaluate the collected evidences & prepare an analysis report.
    -Assisting the Chief in solving the cases through discussions on the psycho-analysis of the suspects.

    Awards and Achievements

    -Won the Best Investigation Officer reward for the year 2008-2009.
    -Solved more than 58 criminal cases.
    -Passed NCC - ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate exams.
    -Participated in the State Football team.
    -Won various awards for athletics competitions at school and University level.

    Personal Details

    Address:37, C Block, Anandnagar, NVT.