Crisis of conscience or Crisis of confidence - What's more dangerous?

Crisis of conscience or Crisis of confidence - What's more dangerous?

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it." - Albert Einstein.

A lot of importance is given to the conscience of a human. Conscience is a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behaviour. However behaviour and action will only manifest if there is confidence. Lack of confidence inhibits action. This inhibition coupled with confidence loss will lead to doubting even the thoughts one has. So which crisis exactly is more lethal?

Crisis of Conscience

1. "There is no witness so terrible, no accuser so powerful as conscience which dwells within us." - Sophocles

2. A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing. This gives confidence. Thus crisis of conscience is more dangerous.

3. Conscience is said to be compass of a person. It guides him/her. A person with no conscience is extremely dangerous. Even if he has confidence or not, his actions will be devoid of conscience and morality and even his smallest, hesitant action can bring trouble to him as well as others.

4. Crisis of confidence may not let people act with spirit, but crisis of conscience won't let people live peacefully.

5. People can get back their lost confidence but harmful acts of conscience have tremendous staying power. After having decided on something as an act of conscience, changing one’s mind is a near impossibility. It’s hard to even consider the possibility that in trying to do the right thing, one has done wrong, let alone actually coming to that conclusion. It takes considerable amount of efforts and strength to even consider that possibility. However till the time we come to the conclusion, the loss would have been tremendous.

6. Pure conscience can seldom lose confidence and it’s easier for them to crawl out of confidence crisis.

7. Conscience crisis can plunge an individual into a state of mental agony as he is not able to reconcile with his inner voice and live freely.

Crisis of Confidence

1. Low confidence can shake even the purest of hearts.

2. You may be in any kind of crisis, but confidence can pull you out of it.

3. We always hear that one must be optimistic, one must hope; as hope and hard work will get you even God. Optimism and hope are other forms of confidence. These impart confidence to you.

4. Thus confidence can get you everything and crisis in confidence can bring down everything. One cannot act properly without confidence. Thus this crisis is more dangerous.

5. Shaken confidence makes you doubt everything. This can lead to paranoia. Even a clear conscience will not help in such a situation.

6. To survive one needs to act. The action must be with purpose and confidence. Then only it will fulfill its purpose. Conscience say if neglected completely won’t weaken survival in a major way. But low confidence can surely mar survival skills.

7. It can be harder to deal with tough times because you might think that things couldn’t possibly get any better.

8. It takes more efforts to get out of crisis of confidence. However since our conscience always knows what’s moral and right, it’s easier to accept the inner voice and be guided by our conscience. Thus crisis of confidence is more deadly.

9. One can get help from others for our own conscience. However, in loss of confidence interacting with others can be difficult thus hampering pace and methods or recovery.

10. Total lack of confidence mostly is connected to low self esteem and a negative self image. This is extremely detrimental in growth of an individual. It is more harmful than lack of conscience.


We can see that both the crises are having a detrimental effect on human life. From the above discussion one can see that crisis of confidence seems deadlier than crisis of conscience. However both of them are equally toxic for our lives. This is so because confidence can make us survive but mere survival for sake of survival is not what we are born for. Conscience imparts and helps us to find meaning to our survival and to others’ survival too. Hence crisis of conscience is deadly too!
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  • RE: Crisis of conscience or Crisis of confidence - What's more dangerous? -Deepa Kaushik (09/23/15)
  • Conscience being the individual's moral sense of being right or wrong, definitely outweighs the confidence equation in all aspects. The moral character of the person defines him as a whole. His personality trait depends on his conscience and this trait gets exhibited unknowingly through his deeds.

    Confidence is definitely an important aspect of an individual's personality, but it does not define his personality as a whole. Confidence is one of the various parameters that denotes the personality of a person. Confident outlook definitely carries marks especially in this highly competitive world where every step demands and uses the survival of the fittest phenomena. Even a blank person can give a feeling of contentment in the first impression with his confident outlook. And the various fields of marketing and related tactics do search for this talent of confident portrayal to cover up and impress the customers and end-users, though they might be altogether wrong in their theory.

    Still, when we compare conscience and confidence, we would have conscience winning th final battle. A person performing his duty in his full conscience but lacking confidence might fail to deliver the desired output in terms of quantity, still he would be having perfection in his delivered work in terms of quality. On the contrary, the confident individual lacking conscience would be incorrect in his basic ideologies. Whatever he wouyld deliver would be incorrect and not upto the mark. His confidence might have won the first impression but ususally fails to please others in the long run.