Do dance bars destroy the families?

Do dance bars destroy the families?

Maharashtra Government had banned dance bars. However, recently the Supreme Court has lifted the ban and asked to issue licenses to the bar owners. This has brought forth questions of morality of the dance bars, the effect it has on our society, effect on young minds, etc. Prominent among these questions is the question of the families that are destroyed because of these dance bars. The Maharashtra Government has taken a stern moral stand against dance bars and has termed them against the culture of Maharashtra. But are they really immoral? If they are, then why did they continue for so long in India? Such places where there are dance performances and consumption of alcohol, have been in our country since many centuries; so why such hue and cry now? Do such dance bars really affect family life?

Yes , the men visiting them lose interest in their families

1. Dance bars are not a part our culture and are a social stigma.

2. Dance bars affect not just the people who come to the bars but also the women who perform, thus destroying families of both.

3. The girls and women who dance are always looked down by others and are objectified. This leads to a derogatory status and are reasons for conflicts within their own families.

4. Their own families and near and dear ones might feel ashamed of their profession and can sever ties with them, or there will be no peace in the family. Thus family life is affected to a great extent.

5. The people who visit these bars are the major culprits who encourage such bars. These people many a times have family waiting for them at home. These people do not give time to their families which create tensions in their family.

6. Their family life is destroyed as no woman can watch her husband lusting and watching other women. This affects the families’ mental health and bonding.

7. The men who visit these dance bars, many a times show less interest in their family and this destroys the life of all in the family. This shakes the foundations of a family.

8. Dance bars also have a negative impact on the bachelors and the youngsters. They get addicted to such things and this can never lead to a happy and contended married life. The thought process of the youngsters starts changing because of this and some of them even expect such performances from their wives.

9. Also, the things that go on in these dance bars create a bad example for the youngsters. The objectification of women creates a false notion of domination over the females, among such youngsters and men. This notion leads to disrupted family life as well as social life and incidences of violence against women of all sorts.

No , they are like any other business

1. Dance bars are a business and as any business is, it is voluntary to interact with the business. No one forces people to visit the dance bars.

2. The girls and women who dance in the bars are simply engaging in a profession. Each profession has to be respected. No profession is bad.

3. The girls who dance are doing so not out of choice or entertainment but for earning a livelihood. Many of them are forced into this profession. So the families of such girls understand when there is no choice left.

4. The women and girls who dance do not force anyone to come to dance bars. So blaming them for destroying other’s families is not at all fair.

5. The people who visit the dance bars are not encouraged here to create tension in their house. It’s their own behavior and mindset that creates tensions in their families. So blaming the dance bars is not right at all.

6. Also, there are people who come to watch the performance of the dancers. Since ancient times there have been places where dancers performed and people watched. This does not necessarily mean that the family life needs to be disrupted. It’s a dance performance and if restricted to that, can be a medium of enjoyment and nothing more.

7. People lust over other women and have affairs even if there are no dance bars. So blaming dance bars for the weak integrity and disloyalty of men is unfair.

8. Dance bars don’t stop people from spending time with their family. It is the inherent weakness and vices in those men who cannot keep their family intact and happy.

9. Thus dance bars do not destroy families. They are simply businesses which employ profession of dancing, like any other and need to be respected for that.

It is alleged that many dance bars have been found to be front for illegal activities in the past. So, it is very important to make sure that strict restrictions be imposed on the dance bars. Banning or blaming them for all the woes of the society is not a solution. However, certain measures can go a long way in maintaining the social fabric of the society.

Such bars must be situated at places away from residential areas and into areas where accidental entry of children and youngsters would be avoided. Also, strict vigil should be there to avoid any unauthorized activity. Regular checking of the bars must be done to make sure that they follow all the rules and regulations. Thus instead of blaming, we need to think of the women and girls earning a livelihood through dance bars. Their rehabilitation is an issue. We should provide alternate occupations to those who want out. This will help reduce the women working there and this will automatically bring an end to the dance bars.
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  • RE: Do dance bars destroy the families? -Deepa Kaushik (10/22/15)
  • Dance bars are a profession and livelihood for the girls who dance in these bars. Though it is a profession as any other profession, yet it affects many people on moral grounds. And this is the main reason this profession is looked down upon. Dancing is not bad, but every art is regulated by its work ethics which gives it a cover of decency and permit of morality. The form of dance followed in the dance bars are unacceptable on the moral grounds.When we talk of such dance patterns in the city, it would definitely attract visitors and every visitor would leave back a story of downtrodden family created by his passion of attending such dance bars. These dance patterns are so filthy that they adulterate the young minds and give them a wrong moral especially for women. When the young minds get such a mindset for women, then we cannot expect any respect for women from them.There is no use we can talk of women security and safety when we don't care to provide laws in support of women respect and morality. The dance bars undoubtedly affect the families and it should be of prime interest while lifting ban on these bars.
  • RE: Do dance bars destroy the families? -Erica Fernandes (10/21/15)
  • No, dance bars do not destroy families. It majorly depends on the people who go there. It soley depends on the behaviour of the society and society should be mature enough to stand dance bars cause some people make a living out of it. No profession should be disrespected.
  • RE: Do dance bars destroy the families? -Saurav (10/20/15)
  • Dance bars should remained be banned. We are still immature to handle ills of such places. These kinds of bars can create nuisance in the society.