Do we really want a corruption free India?

Do we really want a corruption free India?

The Lokpal movement has reflected the mindset of Indian people about corruption and has shown their desperation to get rid of it. Contrary to this, the unprecedented support to ex CM of Tamil Nadu, after she was sent to jail in a corruption case has questioned the very intentions of people towards corruption. This incident forced us to introspect, whether we really want a corruption free India or not.


-The support after such incidents is not a new phenomenon. The crowd in these cases consists of political supporters, whereas most people appreciate court’s verdict and are serious about corruption.

-Unexpected support to Lokpal movement throughout the country reflects the seriousness of the issue for us and forced government to pass the much delayed Lokpal bill.

-More and more people are coming forward in fight against corruption by using RTI, registering cases of corruption etc.

-Judicial activism in cases of corruption like 2G etc. is only possible because of the seriousness of people towards corruption.

-Corruption, black money and good governance have become priority political issues today, because of the pressure from people who have now started expecting the solutions from politicians.


-People project corruption as a very normal thing, when someone known to them is convicted or arrested in corruption case.

-Indian voters elect corrupt politicians again and again during elections. This trend questions their seriousness towards corruption.

-We ourselves promote corruption for our own interests. This is clearly evident in public offices where several cases of bribing public officials have been taken into account by respective authorities.


The unfolding of events after conviction of politicians is highly disappointing. But this doesn’t reflect the mentality of majority. The unprecedented wave of protest against corruption has undoubtedly increased awareness among people and now they have become more vocal in condemning the acts of corruption. We need to take this fight forward and continue the efforts for making India corruption free.
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  • RE: Do we really want a corruption free India? -Deepa Kaushik (10/10/14)
  • Corruption free India has become like a dream world just in our imaginations. Everyone talks of corruption and in fact curse that. But, how many of us actually fight this monster? Leave the recent scenarios going on for a while and being true to self, how many of us get our work accomplished in a honest approach? Is blaming the corrupt officials and politicians enough to signify our stand against corruption?

    This is the actual presentation of our country. Common man definitely wants a corruption free India, but not at the cost of their time, energy or comfort. Everyone is good on the blame game, but back out when they need to be on the stage to face the world. Lokpal movement was an exception to this. It was an odd scenario which gained aggression after many big leaders and especially the media came into play. Common man needs the pressure to let out their thrust. And the worst part is when, they cool down their spirit in the same speed they gained to come on to the street. Lokpal bill became a big scene, but many of us didn't even care to know the intricacies of the clause and their effects.

    Coming on to the recent agitations that has created the requirement of this discussion - the arrest of Tamil Nadu ex-CM. Media is reflecting the chaos going within the state, but they haven't reflected the percentage of the citizens of the state who have come out on the roads. Those who want a corruption free country are sitting ideally at their home, watching the media and carrying on with their routine. The majority are from the political party workers and the lower socio-economic strata who have created a mess in the state.

    Just with a small percentage of the total population of one state of India going against the verdict doesn't represent the voice of the country. The majority still favours the corruption free concept. As life is totally insecure in our country especially when it comes to speaking against people on high profile, common man is sitting and watching the occurances silently due to his helplessness to secure his own life and his family members. But precisely, yes, we definitely want a corruption free India